8 Most Expensive Luxury Board Games 


Family and friend gatherings will always revolve on board games. While traditional board games are stored in the closet, these luxury version of the popular board games are meant to stand out and kept out on the coffee table year-round. From Baccarat Dominos to Geoffrey Parker’s luxury versions of Monopoly we bring you 8 luxury board games that are worth the investment.


1Alexandra Llewellyn’s Zodiac Circular Backgammon Set 

An extraordinary Alexandra Llewellyn design in wood marquetry that offers an exciting new way to play this timeless game, our circular Zodiac board reimagines the traditional backgammon layout, which has been rectangular for more than 5,000 years. Alexandra Llewellyn said he “designed Zodiac backgammon board to fit beautifully into most interiors, with the round design lending itself perfectly to being displayed on a table. It takes just a few games to familiarise yourself with playing on a circular board, after which I promise you will be converted.”

Each Zodiac board is made to order and offers myriad options for personalisation. The board is inlaid with the constellations of the zodiac in mother of pearl and silver wire. The handcrafted dovetail drawers are lined in blue leather and satin wood and contain semi-precious carnelian and cast silver playing pieces. This luxury board game is beautifully presented with a blue calf leather doubling die and dice shakers, together with precision-cut, casino quality dice. 

£24,000 Buy here



2Baccarat Dominos

Baccarat Dominos luxury games

The art of the double six! Marcel Wanders studio revisits in black crystal one of the world’s best-known games. Dominoes game box made from inlaid marble and 28 gilded pieces.

£6,200 Buy here 


3Asprey Hanover Leather Scrabble Set

Asprey Hanover Leather Scrabble Set

Asprey’s ‘Hanover’ Scrabble set is pristinely crafted from smooth black leather and includes a playing board backed with purple silk. It comes with four racks and letter tiles in a presentation case. Pull it out on rainy Sunday afternoons to put your vocabulary to the test.

£11,400 Buy here 



4Montblanc Poker Game Set James Purdey & Sons

Montblanc Poker Game Set James Purdey & Sons

Leather box including poker game set and Rollerball Special Edition James Purdey & Sons inspired by game tradition part of British lifestyle. Handcrafted from specially selected Turkish walnut, the included ‘Meisterstück Great Masters’ rollerball pen is topped by an onyx and mother-of-pearl cap and has a nib that alone took 30 steps to complete.

£5,700  Buy here


5Berluti Go Board

Crafted from Berluti’s signature Venezia leather, this luxury board game set is equipped with everything you need to play ‘Go’ – a challenging abstract game of strategy. It includes a large game board for players to place the black and white ‘stones’ with the aim of gaining more territory than their opponent.

£5,000 Buy here 



6Geoffrey Parker Billionaire Monopoly

Geoffrey Parker Billionaire Monopoly

Utilise the design of Monopoly to customise this classic family game to showcase your personal life, achievements or business success. Geoffrey Parker have made various luxury versions of Monopoly for retiring CEOs, customer’s birthdays, wedding gifts & many more, these sets are the ultimate version of personalised Monopoly.  They also offer custom tokens which the team will create for you in Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver Gilt.

£3,865 – £11,680 Buy here 


7Pinetti Chess & Checkers Leather Game

Pinetti Chess & Checkers Leather Game

Perfect for play at home or away, Pinetti’s stunning games board sets the stage for a sophisticated round of checkers or chess. Premium calfskin leather dresses the design, which is seamlessly perfected with a checkered surface.

Available in a luxe cream or deep grey palette, the creation’s hand-crafted, walnut box boasts an interior storage tray that houses the set’s marble-like checkers and black and brass-finished chess pieces.

£2,660  Buy here 


8Linley’s Games Compendium Chess & Backgammon

Test your wit and skill with the LINLEY games board. Crafted with the finest leather, the board contains popular games Chess and Backgammon. All games pieces are included and can be stored under the board in the easily removable base.

The LINLEY Games boards come in stained grey ripple sycamore with sycamore and walnut stringing. On each layer a choice of two popular games can be played; Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly and Cluedo and Backgammon and Chess each stained in a different shade of grey, making it easy to differentiate between your favourite games.

The boards can be bought individually or as a complete set of three stackable boards and six games

£3,995 Buy here


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