17 Luxury Winter Candles To Try This Season 

Luxury winter candles are the ideal companions for cuddling up with a blanket when the darkness falls and the temperature drops. Choosing a smell that resonates to you, lighting a match, and letting the room fill with scent while you enjoy the flickering light is simply so comforting.

Here is your guide to the best luxury winter candles to elevate your room this festive season.

1Loewe Candle : Large Juniper Berry candle

Loewe Winter Candle

Part Victorian botanical garden, part apothecary, loewe’s first line of home scents by Jonathan Anderson and in-house perfumier Nuria Cruelles evokes the raw essences of a vegetable garden.

Candle with juniper berry essence is the perfect luxury winter candle. Olfactory creation that highlights nature’s most natural and pure scents. Made witih 100% vegetable wax with four cotton wicks, presented in a glazed terracotta earthenware holder.

Aromatic Approximate burn time: 80 hours 

Buy here: Loewe Candle



2Henry’s Townhouse : Saturnalia Candle 

As the dark nights draw in, thoughts turn to evenings spent around the fire with friends and family. No 18th century London townhouse or assembly room was complete around the winter solstice without swaggers of evergreen decorations woven with holly, ivy, mistletoe and rosemary adorned with spices and oranges.

Henry’s Townhouse has worked with a French perfumer to bring this limited edition luxury candle that captures the perfect scent to embody its concept. With top notes of sweet orange and fiery ginger, middle notes of mellow cinnamon and a touch of warm vanilla in the base of the fragrance, Saturnalia evokes the historic Georgian festivities and the wider festive winter season.

Each candle is presented in beautiful hand-finished ceramic bisque, and scents that evoke life in Regency London society.

Approximate burn time: 40 hours 

Buy here: Henry’s Townhouse Candle



3Emma J Shipley : Polar Scented Candle 

Emma J Shipley Polar winter candle

Emma J Shipley’s wintery Polar Scented Candle is a luxurious all-natural wax candle is hand-poured in London and handcrafted from the finest bone china, with 24 karat gold accents, giving a wonderful glow when burning. The bespoke scent has heart notes of luscious Dewberry, tempered with uniquely cooling Bergamot and Mandarin, all resting on a mysterious base of Cardamom and Patchouli.

The design was inspired by Emma`s travels to Swedish Lapland, inside the Arctic Circle, with icy landscapes and hazy sunrises serving as a backdrop to the majestic polar bear and his Arctic friends. This magical candle is a must-have this winter, sure to add joy and enchantment to your home, and once burnt will become a beautiful keepsake to treasure forever.

Approximate burn time: 80 hours 

Buy here: Emma J Shipley Polar Candle



4ESPA Winter Spice Luxury 3-Wick Candle

ESPA Winter Spice Luxury Candle

ESPA’s limited edition Winter Spice candle is the perfect addition to just about any living room on a cold winter’s night. Warming aroma of Sweet Orange, Clove, Cinnamon and Ginger envelop you and your home.

ESPA candles are made of hand-poured natural wax and infused with pure essential oils, ensuring elegant fragrance and warmth. In our limited edition scent and midnight blue colourway, this candle comes in ESPA’s opulent 1kg size featuring three wicks for an even burn.

Buy here: ESPA


5Maison Francis Kurkdjian : Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Candle

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Candle

To celebrate the Maison’s 250th anniversary, Baccarat has created the Rouge 540 candle. its fragrance, created by Francis Kurkdjian, is inspired by the floral, amber woodiness of the Rouge 540 perfume. Once lit, notes of rich Cedarwood, spicy Saffron and floral Jasmine will envelop your home, with Fir Resin and Amberwood trailing behind.

Approximate burn time: 55 hours 

Buy here: Harrods


6Tom Dixon : Underground Candle Large 

Tom Dixon Underground Candle

Hand poured in the UK with 100% natural materials, Underground’s ginger root fragrance captures the smell of sharp intense ginger and woody Haitian cardamom. This candle is encased in a hand-spun brass vessel with a black lid which is designed with the intention for a second life – to be reused as a contemporary home accessory that lasts a lifetime.

More Information In the dark subterranean, hidden below the surface, rhizomes secretly grow and slowly develop the fresh, sharp intense fragrance of ginger. This is combined with woody Haitian cardamom to make the unique scent of Underground.

Approximate burn time: 60 hours 

Buy here: Tom Dixon


7L’Objet: Haas Mojave Unicorn Candle 4-wick

L'Objet Haas Mojave Unicorn Candle

Teaming with Haas Brothers, L’Objet has created a collection that honours their colourful creature sculptures. Haas Mojave Unicorn is a 4 wick scented candle, featuring desert-inspired notes of Immortelle and Bay Laurel, woodsy Juniper and Cypress, and musky Frankincense.

The signature Mojave Palm fragrance developed with perfumer Yann Vasnier fills your space with dry, woodsy notes native to the desert. Candles are hand-poured into porcelain vessels detailed with 24K gold, making a wonderful luxury candle this winter in any room. 

Approximate burn time: 60 hours 

Buy here: L’Objet 


8Trudon : Gabriel Gourmand Chimney Fire 

Trudon Gabriel Candle

Trudon celebrates Christmas with a collection of charms that calls for shared, festive moments, and countless wishes.

The idea of charms and personalized bracelets which inspired the collection dates back centuries: charms became an elegant accessory under Queen Victoria, who wore bracelets complete with many small medallions bearing family portraits. In the 1950s, Hollywood celebrities, actresses and chic women turned charms into a stylish and fashionable accessory.

A perfect hint at Christmas celebrations, Trudon’s charms bring a welcome playfulness under the tree: a clover, a sparrow, a shining star, a game of cards or a pair angel wings, the precious symbols are applied in 24-carat hot gold and they suggest good luck, convey many happy wishes.

Gabriel Candle introduces welcomed warmth to chilly Winter afternoons. With notes of leather, cashmere wood, and candied chestnuts, the fragrance weaves happy, cozy memories.

Approximate burn time: 50 – 60 hours 

Buy here: Trudon


9 Ginori 1735 : Fox Thicket Folly Medium 

 Ginori 1735 Fox Thicket Folly

The art of Ginori 1735 manufacture embellishes interiors with unique and timeless collections of home fragrances in pure porcelain. Fox Thicket Folly designer scented candle, with a pure porcelain body is a great addition to your luxury winter candles. Once the wax is finished, the porcelain body can also be used as an interior decoration, storage box and container.

A gothick folly, warmed by a crackling fire. The scent of woodsmoke, cedar, patchouli and tobacco. Burning this luxury winter candle will remind you of autumn. This candle will transport you to “the heart of a wood engulfed in mist stands the silhouette of a fantastic Gothic building, a caprice: it is Fox Thicket Folly. Inside, a large deserted room is illumined by the warm glow of the candles and the fire crackling in the hearth. There are piles and piles of books all around. Meanwhile, in the garden behind the house, the gardener has lit a bonfire. In this ancient woodland, something will happen tonight.”

Approximate burn time: 30 hours 

Buy here: Ginori 1735


10DS & Durga : Portable Fireplace

DS & Durga Portable Fireplace

Portable Fireplace has been designed to make it smell like you have a fireplace, especially when you don’t have a fireplace.

Nothing is cozier than a fireplace. The hearth brings us back to that ancient desire for warmth. The smell of a fireplace alone makes us think of the country, the holidays, the joys of cooler weather. Family gatherings, reading, romance, old world–associations are plentiful. This luxury winter candle gives you the scent and feeling of a having a gentle fire roaring wherever you may be. Using a particular blend of cedar, pine, and oak and add cade and birch for smoke and ash.

Approximate burn time: 60 hours 

Buy here: Liberty


11Grayshott Collection : Alpha Smoky Oudh Fragranced Candle

Grayshott Collection winter candle alpha

Featuring a powdery matt crisp white ceramic jar in Grayshott’s iconic stackable shape, edged with grained vegan leather in Ink Black and finished with a dark stained solid beech wood lid that can be styled as a base. A luxuriously strong fragrance, Alpa opens with citrus accords, whilst the heart rests on warm spice and smoky dark woods mingling with resins.

All the luxury vessels are made by hand, this means that no two products will ever be exactly alike. Made using sustainable British soy wax with a double wick for enhanced burn performance, using a unique EcoBoost technology which allows for signifcantly lower volumes than traditional fragrance blends, therefore requring less raw material and lowering carbon footprint.

Every Grayshott Collection Candle comes in a luxury gift box that can be repurposed to store your refills. This luxury winter candle also comes with a sleeve so that it doubles up as a note card, perfect for sending a handwritten message to a loved one, or writing a positive affirmation to keep closed to hand.

Approximate burn time: 45 hours 

Buy here: Grayshott Collection 


12Aman : Grounding Candle

Aman Grounding Candle

Aman’s Grounding candle is the ideal winter luxury candle for those seeking reconnection, stillness and perspective, the Grounding Spa Candle has been developed to promote inner peace and return body and mind to a state of harmony. Each candle comprises a combination of natural and mineral waxes, individually poured into a black glass vessel, which has been blown and cut by hand. Once lit the candle features top notes of ginger and a heart of jasmine are layered over sandalwood to foster stillness, focus and reconnection.

Approximate burn time: 40 hours 

Buy here: Aman


13Soho Home : Leather & Oud Verona Marble Candle

The Leather & Oud fragrance is reminiscent of nightcaps at Soho House Hong Kong, with the deeply aromatic scent of worn Leather and Oud to create a cosy evening mood. The scented wax is hand-poured into our Verona vessel, which is handcrafted in India from green Bidasar marble. Natural variations make each one unique, and a great standalone feature for a mantelpiec

Approximate burn time: 50 hours 

Buy here: Soho Home (Discount available for Soho members)


14Vilshenko : Winter Doll Candle

Vilshenko Winter Doll Candle

Vilshenko Candle collection draws inspiration from traditional matryoshka dolls. Originating in the late nineteenth century, these wooden figures carved from linden wood have long been seen as a symbol of folkloric culture.

Cold, snowy days contrast sharply with the cosiness of long evenings spent around a crackling fire. Winter weaves its spell with a spicy mixture of cinnamon, clove and incense to evoke the feeling of frosty walks and red cheeks, whilst juniper berries, cedar and rose add a warm softness. Dating back to the 14th century, Gzhel is a painting technique that uses the timeless combination of blue decorative patterns on pure white ceramics.

Approximate burn time: 50 hours 

Buy here: Vilshenko


15Acqua di Parma : Candle Bosco 

Acqua di Parma candle bosco

The seasonal exclusive Bosco candle creates the ambience of a magical forest for your celebrations. The fascinating scent of fir trees and the green facet of frosted pine needles blend with the invigorative freshness of eucalyptus, while the contrasting notes of cloves add a touch of warmth.

The limited-edition scented candle features green swirls of movement and forms on the glass jar and the outerbox, a one-of-a-kind print inspired by a Florentine artisanal technique by Italian craftsmen, especially for Acqua di Parma’s Holiday Collection. Perfect as festive winter candle in your living spaces.

Approximate burn time: 50 hours 

Buy here: Acqua di Parma 



16Brunello Cucinelli : Astrum

Brunello Cucinelli luxury winter candle

The Astrum fragrance creates the feeling of the end of the day, when the sun goes down, making way for the evening chill. From black pepper, lemon, saffron, cardamom and ebony top notes, to rose, peony, camellia and carnation floral middle notes, ending in wood, incense, caramel, leather and cashmere wood base notes. The candle features a cotton wick and is created from hydrogenated paraffin, making it free of toxic substances.

Approximate burn time: 135 hours 

Buy here: Brunello Cucinelli


17Diptyque : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain candle

The emblematic oval of 34 Boulevard Saint Germain is engraved on a candle jar of white biscuit porcelain. Its three wicks diffuse Diptyque’s signature scent: fresh, green and distinctive notes of moss and crushed blackcurrant leaves mingling with floral notes, enhanced by spices and underscored by the richness and warmth of woods and balms

Approximate burn time: 90 hours 

Buy here: Diptyque