The Bolder Sky Lodges : Cabins Above Fjord In Norway

The Bolder Sky Lodges in Norway offers a very unique way to get up close and personal with one of Norway’s most spectacular fjords, Lysefjord. Hoving high above the Lysefjord at 604 meters above sea level, you will find 2 cabins in the most magical landscape. Get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature. Located practically on the edge of a jaw dropping vantage point overlooking the fjords, the Bolder Sky Lodges certainly offer a very unique experience.

It all started in 2010 when Tom Norland bought 170 hectares of untouched land with unspoiled view. Initially, his plan was to build a series of smaller hermit huts, but he realized that this nature plot deserved something better. Something daring.

“My intention was to give visitors a front row view to one of the best-known fjords in the world. The border between inside and outside had to be blurred to convey the feeling of floating in nature”, says Tom Norland.

Designed by architect John Birger Grytdal, the Bolder Sky Lodges came about due to the desire of slow travel and minimize the footprint in the landscape. The two 24 sqm lodges are built on one single column, feature two double bedrooms, a living room on two floors, fully equipped bathroom and kitchen and a dining room with a view to die for.

The minimalist Nordic style decor bring a sense a calm and coziness to the cabins, with dark oak ceilings and walls, concrete flooring and a dark-toned décor dominates the space so the focus stays on the surrounding breathtaking scenery. Tom Norland, the owner chose the Danish design company Vipp for its timeless and functional design. The shop, Elements Studio in Norway has provided the interior from Vipp ranging from kitchen, furniture and lighting to tableware and accessories.

“Vipp has a timeless and honest elegance combined with solid and functional refinement, which is of great importance when you have guests everyday. This aesthetic fits well with our koncept of architecture in nature”, explains Tom Norland. If the mood strikes, head out and explore the surroundings the famous Pulpit Rock which is merely a 10 minute drive away.


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