Daunt books is a charming Edwardian bookshop in London specialising in travel books and literature. Founded in 1990 Daunt books first opened its doors at Marylebone and is the first custom-built bookshop in the world. From the outside it may look like a typical chain bookshop but step inside and this is one of those places that feel straight out of a movie.

Given its popularity there are now 9 Daunt Books shops dotted around London. The Marylebone branch is not only the oldest but also full of character and the most beautiful of all the Daunt bookshops.

Making a visit to Daunt books is not just about buying a book but it is a whole experience. At the heart of the bookshop is the long galleried main room and the travel section, which spreads across 3 floors: the main floor, basement and 2 galleries above the main floor. A large walk in safe is visible near the entrance to the travel gallery where expensive volumes were once stored. The main room is lined with large glass arched windows and gorgeous skylight that floods the room with natural daylight.

 Renowned for their long oak bookshelves, all the books here are thoughtfully arranged by country regardless the nature of the book. You will find everything here from fiction, non-fiction, biographies, history, travel guides, reviews of restaurants around the world, various travel volumes to a range of maps. Hardback or paperback there is something for everyone. There is even a whole section dedicated to London. It is sure to evoke some serious wanderlust in you.

You can easily spend hours just looking around or grab a seat and read a few pages of your new purchase at this beautiful bookshop in London. When you purchase a book or two here you will also get their popular canvas tote-bags. All the Daunt books locations also hosts various events.

Find your nearest Daunt books branch here.