Fortnum & Mason Opens Experimental Food Studio At Its London Flagship

Fortnum & Mason, the renowned London department store, has revamped the third floor of its location at 181 Piccadilly to create an immersive space solely focused on food and drink. The newly constructed Fortnum & Mason Food Studio is dedicated to exhibiting all aspects of the culinary world, providing a venue for customer workshops, live cooking demonstrations, and experimentation.

Over 100 of Fortnum’s chefs will utilize the multipurpose kitchen to create, taste, and perfect recipes, including signature dishes like scotch eggs and beef Wellington, which will be served at the Piccadilly store.

Fortnum & Mason food studio

The Fortnum & Mason Food Studio provides an open platform for emerging and established chefs and culinary pioneers from around the world to showcase their skills. The studio’s program includes a range of events such as chef’s tables, supper clubs, masterclasses, workshops, book launches, conversations with industry experts and podcasts.

The Cook Shop is another newly added feature that contains a carefully curated selection of top-quality ingredients, utensils, and cookware, complemented by a specialized bookshop catering to the needs of passionate cooks. Along with Fortnum & Mason distillery, which houses a fully functional copper vacuum still. Customers can create their own customized small-batch London Dry or Pink Gin, co-distilled with The Craft Distilling Business, and labelled as “Made in Piccadilly.”

Also discover a new dedicated space for Fortnum’s signature hamper collection. The Fortnum’s team will offer a tailored consultation service and personalization options to help customers create their own luxury hampers with their preferred Fortnum’s treats.

Fortnum & Mason CEO, Tom Athron, says: “Ever since William Fortnum met Hugh Mason and started a business, Fortnum & Mason have been in search of extraordinary new food and drink experiences, so it seems only natural to create a home dedicated to this search.

“Set in the heart of 181 Piccadilly, the new third floor is an experiential space designed for sharing our knowledge of and love for food. It’s a space where all are welcome, to experiment and learn, craft and produce; where beginners are encouraged to participate in the joys of food and drink and where playing with food is absolutely encouraged.”



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