Elevate Your Olympic Games Paris 2024 With On Location’s Hospitality & Luxury Travel Offerings

As the world’s attention turns to Paris for the Olympic Games from July 26th to August 11th, the city is gearing up for an extraordinary transformation. The French capital is set to leave a lasting mark on the grandest sporting event on the global stage. Hosting more than 750 sporting sessions, covering 32 sports with an impressive line-up of 10,500 athletes is no small undertaking, and Paris is set to showcase its exceptional organisational prowess.

On Location, the designated hospitality provider for Paris 2024 have on offer a diverse array of hospitality packages, catering to every preference for an unforgettable Olympic experience. Each package includes guaranteed session tickets to a wide range of thrilling sports, such as Tennis, Athletics, Swimming, Equestrian, Diving, Football and more. Whether you prefer to be in the heart of the action or in a more relaxed atmosphere in a private lounge, there’s a perfect package for you.

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Travel Packages for the Trip of a Lifetime

On Location, have introduced its exclusive travel and hospitality packages for the upcoming Olympic Games Paris 2024. These packages ensure that you can fully immerse yourself in the excitement of the Olympic Games while also exploring the city of Paris. With over 200 different travel packages, guaranteed tickets to your preferred sporting events and hotels spanning from three-star to five-star, your Olympic Games journey is set to be memorable.

It is undoubtedly the luxury hotels that have captured our attention. Select from stays ranging from one to six nights at luxurious hotels in Paris, such as the luxury Relais Christine and the esteemed Hôtel Bel Ami on the Rive Gauche. Along with exclusive access to your preferred sports events, these packages include a tailor-made tour, access to Salon 24 hospitality private lounge and more.

6 nights stay at Relais Christine

Relais Christine

Check-in: 31 Jul 2024

Check-out: 06 Aug 2024

Includes: Singles Tennis, 3×3 Basketball, Rowing, Athletics, Diving, Boxing

Tailor-made tour, Salon 24 hospitality private lounge and more.


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3 nights stay at Hotel Bel Ami

Hotel Bel Ami

Check-in: 25 Jul 2024

Check-out: 28 Jul 2024

Includes: Opening Ceremony, Tennis, Artistic Gymnastics

Tailor-made tour, Salon 24 hospitality private lounge and more.


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A Remarkable Opening Ceremony in a League of Its Own

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games will feature an opening ceremony unlike any other. For the first time ever, this iconic spectacle will unfold not within the confines of a stadium, but along the picturesque banks of the River Seine, in the heart of Paris. To ensure an unparalleled experience, On Location are offering exclusive Hospitality Riverside packages, offering the best seats with a view to match as you witness this this history-making moment.

The Gold Riverside package promises an evening of unrivalled luxury and prime viewing spot. Guests will be treated to riverside reserved grandstand seating, placing them at the very centre of the ceremony’s breathtaking performances. Before, during, and after the event, guests can access their private boat on the river which offers a unique perspective of the opening ceremony. The nearby Palais de Tokyo will serve as the venue for the package’s exceptional hospitality, featuring a buffet dinner complete with champagne and other drinks. DJ and special guest appearances will further elevate the ambiance of the night.

For an alternative perspective, the Bridge 360 and Quayside packages offer equally captivating experiences. The Quayside package allows guests to witness the ceremony from aboard a docked boat on the river. Simultaneously, the Bridge 360 package features grandstand seating atop a bridge spanning the river, delivering a truly immersive experience with this landmark moment in Olympic history. View more information about Opening Ceremony packages here. 

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On Site Hospitality

In the realm of On Site Hospitality, each tier—Bronze, Silver, and Gold, offers a unique level of access and amenities, ensuring an unforgettable Olympic journey. Regardless of your chosen tier, all guests will have guaranteed access to their preferred Olympic sessions.

Bronze tier guests will enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the shared lounge, complete with captivating in-lounge entertainment. Savour the flavours of informal street food options, perfectly paired with a selection of wine, beer, and soft drinks. For those seeking an elevated experience, the silver tier offers a premium atmosphere, buffet dining along with a champagne reception.

The gold tier is the epitome of luxury, offering unparalleled access and service. Gold members will revel in premium amenities before, throughout, and after the event in the luxurious lounge. Delight in a gourmet menu complemented by a champagne reception and complimentary bar service.

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On the Finish Line 

Olympic Games Paris 2024 will revolutionize the athletics spectator experience, granting fans unrivalled access into the exhilarating world of track and field. On Location’s pioneering ‘On the Finish Line’ package gives you privileged access to seating normally unavailable to the public, putting you among the lucky spectators in the stadium who can witness the defining seconds of the competition from the most desired seats.

Additionally, indulge in the ultimate pre- and post-event ambiance at the On-Site Hospitality Lounge, situated within iconic event locations in and around Paris. Mingle with other fellow enthusiasts before and during the event, all while enjoying a chef-curated buffet featuring international and French regional specialities. Enjoy Champagne upon arrival and choose from a selection of wine, beer, and soft drinks from the bar service. Immerse yourself further in the Olympic atmosphere with live broadcast coverage displayed on TV screens throughout the lounge, and capture the memories with an exclusive in-lounge photo opportunity while grooving to the beats of a live DJ’s curated playlist.  View more information about On the Finish Line here. 


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