Palace Of Versailles Has Opened A Luxury Hotel

Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) is one of the most popular tourist destinations and opulent palaces in the world that remains a cultural symbol of royal splendour. Set within the gates of Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle that was built in the 16th century has now been entirely restored into a luxury hotel, Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle  : Hotel Versailles.

palace of versailles hotelpalace of versailles hotel

Hotel versailles is the very first hotel to open upon Versailles palatial grounds in its 340 year history. Offering you an opportunity to spend the night within the famous royal residence.  Access the 2,000 acre gardens, experience the history first hand, retrace famous footsteps and get an exclusive peek into the world of Versailles at Hotel versailles.

Set inside 3 different historic buildings that all date back to 1681. Hotel versailles offers 14 regal rooms, suites including a special signature suite. All the rooms are individually decorated and are named after prominent figures who held a strong attachment with the property such as Rose Bertin, who was the first dressmaker of the kingdom.

Hotel Versailles Hotel Versailles

The rooms as you would expect are decadent and take you back to 18th-century styling, with hand-picked period furniture, grand chandeliers and artwork that reflects the era the rooms were in use. In fact, the art around the room is the focal point to the room’s decor. The rooms even feature the original patterns, recreated by the artist Maison Pierre Frey. In line with preserving the rich history, the technology at Hotel Versailles has been very well thought out, instead of TV’s you will be greeted to a large window with view of the Orangery Garden and the Lake of the Swiss Guards.

Dining at Airelles Château De Versailles is by renowned French chef Alain Ducasse, who has 20 Michelin stars to his name. It is an experience in itself, take a seat at the king’s table and be seduced by delicious dishes inspired by the great classics of French cuisine.​ As you eat admire the breathtaking views of the Orangery and its gardens.

airelles château de versailles restaurant airelles château de versailles Alain Ducasse

Dinner is a grand affair with reminiscent of the King’s decadent royal banquets. Paying homage to the rich history the restaurant team will be wearing period costumes, and you will be treated with the same reverence and care as you would have been in the era of royalty. A bell rings at 8pm to signal the start of dinner and five-course gourmet feast commences.

In collaboration with prestigious Swiss brand Valmont, the spa reflects the splendour of the Palace of Versailles. Featuring statues and hand-painted fresco that surround an inviting 50-foot swimming pool. Made up of several areas, the spa also offers a sauna and hammam. For a regal experience, opt for the signature ritual in homage to Marie-Antoinette’s legendary beauty developed especially for hotel Versailles.

palace of versailles hotel spa

Staying at the Airelles Château de Versailles grants exclusive access to the Château and grounds that are normally off limits to visitors. During your stay you will also have exclusive access to the Château and both boats and golf carts are available for exploration of the Grand Canal and gardens.

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