New Assouline Candle Collection Brings The Essence Of Travel To Your Home

Assouline, renowned for its beloved series of travel books that allowed readers to explore the world through pages, now aims to take you on a sensory journey around the globe. Assouline’s travel books are meticulously designed and crafted, focusing on niche subjects, have become symbols of prestige in their own right. Now, the family-owned company is expanding its association with the home by introducing a new line of interior decor. The debut collection features scented candles that further enhance Assouline’s connection to the domestic sphere.

Assouline Caandle travel from home collection

© Assouline


Out of the expansive Assouline Travel Series collection, which encompasses 34 destinations, the brand has carefully selected six locations as a starting point. These choices reflect the personal preferences of the family behind the brand, highlighting their favourite destinations for now. Marrakech Flair, Gstaad Glam, Mykonos Muse, Ibiza Bohemia, Moon Paradise, and Tulum Gypset.

This collection marks the luxury brand’s first venture into the realm of home fragrance, building upon its previous expansions beyond publishing. The scents are carefully crafted to capture the essence of each location, encapsulating the essence of a getaway within a single piece of art. Created exclusively for Assouline by renowned perfumer Jérôme Epinette, every candle in the collection is encased in a stylish beige ceramic container adorned with a playful touch, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours and foil stamping found on the covers of the book series. All the candle feature the same iconic serigraphy of symbol seen on the coordinating books.

Assouline Candle travel from home collection © Assouline

  All pieces in this collection seamlessly blend with any style of interior and act as a perfect addition to one’s library, pairing elegantly with Assouline titles. These candles infuse a sense of wanderlust into your home, taking you on an inspiring journey and creating a captivating multisensory experience that complements the visual and textual allure of their books.

With their unique scents, it becomes challenging to pick a favourite, making the collection a must-have for both fragrance enthusiasts and avid travellers. Why not collect the complete set of scented candles from the Travel from Home Candle Collection, encompassing every destination in the series.


Mykonos Muse

Mykonos Muse AssoulineA magically seductive fragrance of cyclamen, – sweet, spicy – herbaceous scents, are as immersive as the Aegean Sea. The candle features the same iconic serigraphy of symbol seen on the coordinating Mykonos Muse book.


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Ibiza Bohemia

Ibiza Bohemia AssoulineA beaming blend of lemon, bergamot and green apple greet you like an Ibiza sunrise engulfing the ocher sand. The fresh and earthy undertones of patchouli mimic quiet moments of floating in the turquoise waters of the island.


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Marrakech Flair

Marrakech Flair AssoulineThe clear desert air brightens the senses with cypress, sweet cedarwood and juniper berry. A haze of black tobacco leaves, bergamot, neroli, and citrus engulf you like an exotic escapade through the desert city.


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Moon Paradise

Moon Paradise AssoulineCatapulted into the cosmos by a complex mix of black pepper and sweet notes of bamboo. Musk and woody nuances of cashmere wood and the soft fragrance of bamboo twinkle above.


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Gstaad Glam

Gstaad Glam AssoulineEvoking the warmth of a winter escape are notes of cypress, cedar and black tobacco leaves. The sweetness of juniper berry and palo santo arrive as you get cozy by the fireplace on a snowy day.


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Tulum Gypset

Tulum Gypset AssoulineThis mystical escape is re -created with earthy aromas of eucalyptus, sage and black pepper. Invigorating scents of sage, black amber and spicy cardamom transport you to the Caribbean’s idyllic coastline.


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