11 Best Things To Do In Gozo 

 Gozo is the sister island of Malta located just 20 minutes away by ferry. This tiny island is a tranquil haven and has plenty to explore, it offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical charm with its rugged coastline, secluded beaches, ancient ruins, archaeological sites, and historic landmarks, and even a winery. Paired with its idealistic Mediterranean location and wonderful weather a Gozo day trip is a must if you are staying in Malta. 

Gozo is a jewel that has been waiting to be explored. If time allows spend a few day on the island, its laid back lifestyle and slow pace make it a great place to rest and refuel. Gozo has plenty of things to do, whether you’re trying to get away from the daily grind or just want a peaceful getaway. Here are the top things to do in Gozo and places to visit in Gozo.


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1Explore The Ancient Cittadella

Cittadella best things to do in gozo

The historic Citadella, which is located in Victoria, or Rabat as it is called by the locals, the island’s capital, is without a doubt one of the top things to do in Gozo. The striking old walled city, stands out as Gozo’s most notable feature, a beacon seen from all across the island, with its unique skyline and towering military architecture. The structures and walls of the Citadella were built in the early 1600s and have been restored carefully whilst preserving much of the original architecture. It has stood the test of time and remains a significant part of Gozo’s heritage. Today, just a few families are housed behind the walls of the Citadel.

Housed within the walls are several museums such as The Cathedral Museum, the Museum of Archaeology, the Folklore Museum, the Gozo Nature Museum, the Old Prison, the Old Gunpowder Magazine, the Grain Silos, the Battery, and the World War II Shelter. You could easily spend half a day exploring this beautiful ancient site and soaking in the views over Gozo. The majestic baroque Cathedral of Gozo, which is devoted to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary can all be found in the plaza. Visitors are welcome to tour the walls and many sights inside the Citadella without paying anything. Nevertheless, certain places, like the cathedral and the museum of archaeology, charge entry.



2Relax On Ramla Bay : The Red Sand Beach 

Gozo is blessed with a plethora of picturesque beaches, making it a popular destination for beach lovers. Ramla Bay Beach known locally as “Ramla il-amra” is the biggest beach on the island of Gozo. Renowned for its golden-reddish sand, Ramla Bay is Gozo’s best beach. This unique beach is located at the base of a fertile valley and is overlooked by the village of Xaghra, a white statue of the Virgin Mary serves as the beach’s unique landmark.

Relaxing on this slice of paradise is one of the top things to do in Gozo. Ramla beach offers some of the softest sand along with shallow and clear water, making it ideal for swimming. Although the surrounding area lack development – which is part of the appeal. There are enough amenities such as a café, bar, sun loungers and ice cream truck in the summer months to make it ideal for families.  

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3Explore the Tal-Mixta Cave and Calypso Cave

Tal-Mixta Cave things to do in gozo

Located 10 minutes away from Ramla Bay is the impressive Tal-Mixta Cave on one side and Calypso Cave on the other side which are worth exploring in Gozo. The scenic Tal-Mixta Cave, located in the hills of Nadur offers a spectacular view overlooking the Ramla Bay Beach. If you are looking for a good view point, Tal-Mixta Cave is definitely worth a visit. Head to the cave for an amazing sunset views overlooking the vivid red sand of Ramla beach. 

Towards the west end of the Ramla beach are the Calypso Cave. It is said that Calypso’s Cave, which overlooks the gorgeous red sands, is the cave that Homer alludes to in The Odyssey. The ruins of a fortress constructed by the Knights of Malta in the middle of the 18th century to act as defence against invading armies can be found on the coast below Calypso’s Cave.


4Dive, Swim, or Snorkel in the Blue Hole 

Blue Hole Gozo

The spectacular deep Blue Hole is a popular spot for diving, swimming and snorking. Divers from all over the world travel to Gozo to dive the Blue Hole, due to its distinctive natural characteristics and a wealth of marine life. Situated on the west coast of the island close to Dwejra Bay and one of the top things to do if you enjoy a thrilling dive.

The Blue Hole is an outstanding geological phenomenon made of naturally occurring granite that has produced a tunnel that leads into a sizable underwater cave. It is worth noting that the Blue Hole is not for the faint of heart since it requires a lengthy trek across rough rocks when fully equipped. Yet the payoff is a breathtaking dive that is considered to be among the greatest in the world. The dive usually starts with a fall through the Blue Hole, a confined vertical passageway that opens up to the ocean. You may see the intriguing rock formations and local marine life as you pass through the tunnel.

5Explore Dwejra Bay and Visit The Remains of Azure Window

gozo Dwejra Bay

Azure Window things to do in gozo

Exploring Dwejra Bay is one of the top things to do in Gozo, it offers three major attractions, the well known Azure Window (which has now sadly collapsed into the sea after a heavy storm) it was not only mother nature’s impressive work, but this was also a filming location for the Game of Thrones. The spectacular deep Blue Hole and just behind the Blue Hole is a circular lagoon known as the Inland sea where the water is calm and shallow making it a great spot for a swim. The Inland sea is ideal for swimming there are also boat trips which run from the Inland sea and gives you a chance to explore the natural rock formations, caves and coves up close.

How to get to Dwejra Bay: Buses to Dwejra Bay include 31, it is also part of the hop on and off bus. There is also ample parking space if you are driving.


6Take A Boat Out On To The Waters & Explore The Caves Up Close 

Inland sea gozo

You can take a boat out from the Inland Sea that to the open Mediterranean Sea through a small tunnel. The boats are often the traditional Maltese boat, known as the “luzzu,” which are decorated with vivid colours and an eye to ward against evil and the devil on the prow. Scuba divers may be snorkelling along the cave’s walls before they head to the deep water, as you pass through the tunnel and witness bubbles rising to the surface. Get up close and personal with the remains of the Azure Window, enter hidden caves, get magnificent views of the Dwejra cliffs and the Fungus rock.


7Marsalforn Bay

Marsalforn Bay Pierre's

Photo: Pierre’s 

On the island of Gozo, Marsalforn Bay is a quaint charming beach village. It is still a thriving fishing village, the restaurants that line the bay provide only the freshest fish and seafood. Nearly all the restaurants offer a lovely sea view whilst you dine. Il-Kartell, Otters Bistro and the Pierre’s are some of the standout restaurants. A promenade that wraps around the head of the Marsalforn Bay and is backed by a beach with small pebbles and sand makes for a beautiful area to stroll any time of year.


8Snorkel In The Wied il- Għasri Valley 

Wied il- Għasri

Ghasri Valley also known as Wied il-Ghasri is a beautiful narrow creek which is located on the coast of Gozo. Wied il-Ghasri is the hidden gem of Gozo, the beach is tucked in between impressive high cliffs and can be reached only via a narrow staircase. It is a small beach but the calm crystal clear water is rich in flora and fauna making it a perfect spot for snorkelling. The popular cathedral cave (also known as the blue dome) commences from this spot. 

How to get to Wied il- Għasri: The most convenient way to reach Wied il-Ghasri is with a car. As this is one of Gozo’s hidden gems, the hop on and off bus or the main tour operators do not cover this location.



9Visit Xwejni Salt Pans in Gozo 

Salt Pans in Gozo things to do in gozo

Just over a mile from Ghasri Valley are 350-year-old rock-cut salt-pans which are simply scenic and worth a visit. They stretch about 3km and have been part of the culture in Gozo for numerous generations. It is still a fully functioning salt pan, so you cannot walk on these pans, however, if you are lucky you could spot the locals harvesting salt from the pans during the summer months. 



10Visit a Winery and Take a Tour Of The Vineyard

One unexpected attraction in Gozo is the family-owned winery, Ta’ Mena Estate owned by the Spiteri family and was founded by their late mother Carmela, popularly known as Mena, and her late husband Frank who together worked hard to purchase and cultivate the land.

At Ta’ Mena Winery, a typical wine tour starts with an introduction on our family run business, history and traditions. This is followed by a tour of our winery and production facility including explanations on wine making, olive pressing, and the production of other traditional artisanal foods. Visitors will be given the opportunity to taste the different wines produced in our boutique winery, as well as purchase them from our onsite retail outlet. The wine tasting sessions are accompanied by an exceptional Gozitan Platter including some of our typical food items such as sweet sundried tomato paste, olives, Gozo peppered cheeselets, local smoked sausages and other local delicacies depending on seasonality.


11Visit the impressive church of Ta’ Pinu Basilica

wTa’ Pinu Basilica things to do in gozo

One of the most visited sights in Gozo by both locals and tourist is the church, Ta’ Pinu. It is the view on offer and the impressive architecture that draws many visiting Gozo to Ta’ Pinu Basilica. Ta’ Pinu is located on a small cliff and overlooks the countryside of Gozo. As soon as you arrive you will notice the calming atmosphere that surrounds the church, inside stands the shire of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu along with a range of items which act as a sign of offering from the local Maltese people. The entry to the church is completely free and as with every religious sight you are expected to dress respectfully. 

How to get to the church of Ta’ Pinu: Gozo is best explored by car however if you are opting for the hop on and off bus Ta’ Pinu is also part of the hop on and off bus.