The luxury train travel industry so far has been dominated by the likes of Belmond but this is all about to change with the world’s first private train. Designed by the French designer, Thierry Gaugain who is renowned worldwide for private jets and yachts designs is adding rail to his collection with G Train.

The G Train is a new design concept, that blends design and technology, “It’s an alternative, very leisurely way to see the world, beyond the yacht and jet.” says Thierry Gaugain. 1,300-foot luxury all glass train is designed for a single owner and will feature 14 glazed cars.

The exterior will be high tech glass that can transform at the press of a button from being completely transparent and enjoying the landscape to opaque to all back if you require privacy. The interior can also be filled with seven types of scenery. “It might be winter outside, but the owner can suddenly be surrounded by a beautiful summer’s day with flowers and meadows,” says Gaugain. “The train is essentially a stage that the owner can configure in many ways.” During the night as the it races along at 100 miles an hour it will give off a golden glow.

This unique concept train travel is set to feature a primary suite at the front, followed by 18 guest rooms, a gym, spa, dining car, and grand reception hall, with space for live music, and movie screenings. It doesn’t end there, the fold down wings can be create an al fresco terrace, while the caboose is designed as a toy chest to carry cars, bikes and other vehicles. The train can also be split into 2, if you and your guests fancy taking a different direction.

“G-Train is ultimately about riding the world’s rails in luxury, but seeing the surroundings in a new, very private way” Says Gaugain “This would be for an owner who is crazy, but in a good way,” he says. “It allows greater access to many areas than a yacht, and would open a new chapter in the owner’s life. Really, it’s the consummate way to travel.”

Train travel is one of the most sustainable way of travelling, G Train uses a hybrid of balancing electric hydrogen with diesel-electric engines with very low ecological impact in mind. 4 bespoke locomotives will also be made so they can be adapted to railways across Europe, Asia, North Africa and the full length of northern American railways.

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