Kruger Shalati Train On The Bridge


Kruger Shalati in South Africa’s iconic Kruger safari park offers one of the most unique hotel experiences. This one of a kind luxury boutique hotel is formed of train carriages, a re-envisioned steam train which is perched high above on the Selati Bridge, also known as the crocodile bridge in Kruger National Park which is one of Africa’s largest game reserves. Kruger Shalati hotel offers the perfect mix of Africa’s wild nature and luxury within a unique setting.

This boutique luxury hotel in Africa is permanently stationed 984ft (300 m) above the Sabie River (which is known for its crocodile infestation). Kruger Shalati hotel pays homage to the first visit to the park that were permitted, this train hotel will be stationed in the exact same spot where the train would park overnight in the early 1920’s.

Kruger ShalatiTrain on the Bridg room looking west kruger shalati 1 kruger shalati room inside the train hotel in south africa 1 1

Offering 31 luxury rooms in total, 24 of which are carriage rooms set on the epic bridge. If heights is not your cup of tea then Kruger Shalati offers 7 more land based rooms, Bridge House rooms. The jaw dropping honeymoon suite is located on the land too. With floor to ceiling windows in the rooms unprecedented views of the local wildlife are on offer.

One of the remarkable features at this unique hotel is the sun deck, it features a stunning overhanging pool which offers views of the wildlife, crocodiles, hippos, buffaloes and elephants are frequently seen in and around the bridge.

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The decor at Kruger Shalati is very Afro-chic with contemporary furnishings, described as being a ‘celebration of African design in collaboration with local art and crafting skills’ the head designer Andrea Kleinloog wanted to capture Africa’s natural beauty whilst showcasing the regions’ craftsmanship. Kruger Shalati Train on a Bridge aim to take you back in time and make you feel part of the history of the Park. Stays at Kruger Shalati include two daily safari excursions by truck, so you can explore the wildlife up-close.



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