London is a city with a plethora of bars. Each trying to be more quirky than the other, but one that is truly unique and intimate is The Brigofficially the smallest bar in London. 

Hidden, personal, secret, this isn’t the kind of bar you just don’t come across on a night out. It is tucked away in a narrow alleyway, behind a tiny door which requires a 4 digit code to enter. This tiny bar can only host 4 people plus the bartender – 2 seats at the bar and the other 2 seats right behind them.

londons most initimate speakeasy

In fact, The Brig has been carved out within the Merchant House, a cocktail bar which is home to one of the largest spirit collection in the world. Oh, and did we mention you get your very own personal bartender at the smallest bar in London. The bar is in a rugged darkroom that is candlelit. This intimate bar in London has its own special charm, with wooden barrels and ceilings made from old whisky casks, it is the perfect oasis from the bustle of London

You can make this experience whatever you want it to be. Play your own music, make your own cocktail, learn more about the cocktails from the very knowledgable and friendly bartender. Whatever your heart desires, it is possible at this intimate speakeasy in London.


most unique speakeasy in london