The latest addition to the luxury hotel scene in London is The Prince Akatoki. Located right in the heart of the city, in the notorious Marylebone, The Prince Akatori replaces The Arch Hotel. This latest arrival is inspired by the traditions of Japanese hospitality. Offering the perfect blend of the best of Japan and the western world. Even the name Akatoki itself comes from an ancient Japanese word for sunrise.

The Prince Akatori lobby

Stepping inside is like entering a clam oasis, you will instantly forget that you are in the heart of buzzing London. The soft colour palettes, traditional Japanese joinery made from washed natural timber, warm accents with discreet metallic lighting, naturally have a soothing effect. The decor is minimalist without being boring, striking features like vase by renowned ceramicist, Adam Ross adorn the lobby. Touches of personalised Japanese hospitality can be experienced as soon as you enter, with features like individual circular pods which serve as personalised check-in stations. 

bedroom suite at the prince akatokithe prince akatoki luxury hotel in london

Taking pride in providing a sense of calm and ease in the city, this luxury hotel in London offers 82 rooms and suites. Just like the lobby, the rooms are a tranquil affair, soft white walls, sleek timber beds, low side tables all in keeping with the Japanese traditional interior design. Above the bed are beautifully painted fusuma panel-inspired wall hangings in soothing cream, pink and red hues. Lighting purposely fitted to create warmth and relaxation ties in the whole minimalist yet relax and recharge vibe. 

TOKii at The Prince Akatoki

When a new hotel opens its doors in London, it is not just the hotel that gets us excited but also the new dining experience it brings along with it. TOKii at The Prince Akatoki hotel is serving up the perfect blend of homegrown and international Japanese flavours. The minimalist interior of the hotel is maintained at the restaurant, this allows diners to focus on the quality and ambition of the meal. 

There is also a tea room which will showcase the hotel signature Japanese Tea Service. On the ground floor, lies The Malt Lounge & Bar, with premium Japanese and international whiskies on offer. Try some of the rarest and most unique whiskies and Japanese homegrown sake at the bar. If this isn’t your usual tipple signature cocktail shaken by expert mixologists are also available. 

tea room at prince akatokiwhisky bar at the prince akatoki

Celebrate Art, Ritual and Elegance of Japanese hospitality at The Prince Akatoki.