Pelorus Launches Partnership With Luxury Airship Brand 

As we fuel towards sustainable aviation and gain better understanding of how travel impacts some of the planet’s most fragile regions, although not a new creation, Airships offer a unique solution for those seeking environmentally friendly, life-changing experiences, in absolute luxury.

Now you can access the inaccessible as Pelorus partners with luxury Airship brand OceanSky Cruises as their official ‘Expedition Partners’. Pelorus offer bespoke travel and yachting experiences for those seeking something different. With a passion to transform people’s perspectives on the world, Pelorus says there’s a way for everyone to experience the most remote, beautiful, and culturally diverse places on Earth.

Pelorus Oceansky CruisesPelorus Oceansky Cruises 6

Founded in 2014, OceanSky is a Swedish start-up, after many years of research and investigation in the lighter-than-air sector, in 2018 OceanSky Cruises brand was released, and an unprecedented concept was unveiled – a sustainable way to access remote locations in style and comfort.

OceanSky Cruises brings you high luxury while keeping the carbon footprint low and highlighting the best of low-touristed destinations. With this partnership you can experience a unique series of exclusive sea, land, and air bound adventures. Each experience is individually crafted to offer an alternative way to experience some of the world’s most spectacular regions, with the first stop being : The North Pole.

Pelorus Oceansky CruisesPelorus Oceansky Cruises

Jimmy Carroll, the Co-founder of Pelorus said : “Reaching the most dramatic, pristine, and inaccessible corners of the globe is often fraught with logistical challenges and a distinct lack of infrastructure, often deterring even the most seasoned globetrotter or passionate budding explorer”.

While little specifics have emerged thus far, we do know this exclusive 36-hour trip to the North Pole will depart from the Norwegian archipelago, Svalbard. OceanSky Cruises airship will glide effortlessly at an altitude of 1000 ft above the ground at a considerably slower speed of 20-70 mph—which is considerably lower and slower than a standard aircraft. The luxury airship features large windows allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

OceanSky Cruises’ Airship charters boasts 8 beautifully designed individual cabins (accommodating 16 guests) and living spaces similar to those seen onboard some of the world’s most magnificent super yachts. On board, this unique aviation experience you can expect Michelin star fine dining, 360 panoramic viewing areas, and plenty of extra onboard delights. Adopt a completely new perspective as you watch the Polar World and its fascinating array of flora and fauna pass by steadily below.

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Pelorus Oceansky Cruises

The highlight of the trip is set to be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to land at the exact location of the North Pole and spend a few hours exploring the surrounding icy grounds. As you arrive at the North Pole, the airship will carefully descend to ground level, allowing for a special lunch and a few precious hours on top of the world – a feat made possible only by the unique capabilities of low impact airships that do not require a runway.

Geordie Mackay-Lewis, the Co-founder of Pelorus added : “From inception, we’ve sought to be at the very forefront of innovation in the field of high-end, sustainable travel and bring exciting clean-tech solutions into the market for guests to enjoy. To partner with OceanSky Cruises and begin offering experiences that touch all these aspects is something we are incredibly excited for.” North Pole Expeditions will be available in extremely limited supply, register to learn more.


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