ice rolls and taco ice creams in london

Where: Pan-n-ice in Westfield Shepherds Bush and Stratford

Ice rolls are a unique take on traditional ice cream. These handcrafted ice rolls are made right in front of you off of ice pans, watching how these ice rolls are made are half the fun. What makes these ice rolls special are the flavours on offer, there is everything from mango, avocado, Oreos to Kinder Bueno. You can even take these ice rolls up a notch by adding them between a taco topped with a layer of whipped cream and fruits.


Avolato ice cream

Where: Snowflake – various locations across London

It has been all about the Avocados recently but Snowflake in London is taking this fad up a level. They are offering an avocado ice cream which is actually shaped like an avocado. It is made from 60% Avocado and is also vegan and gluten-free. This is what you call an unique ice cream.

Where: Milk Train in Covent Garden

The Unicone at Milk Train in Covent Garden London is one for the sweet tooths. It comes with candy floss, ice cream of your choice, topped with rainbow sprinkles and wafer. It is one of those Instagram worthy ice creams. 

Photo by @jana_verstraete


4Charcoal and Matcha Ice Cream 

matcha ice cream and charcoal ice cream in london

Where:  Soft Serve Society in Liverpool Street

Black ice cream? Yes, that’s correct. The Soft Serve Society is serving the eye-catching charcoal ice cream. This blend of coconut ice cream and activated charcoal comes with a variety of toppings like a toasted marshmallow, popcorn, rice cakes and much more.


5Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Where: Yolkin in Chinatown Soho 

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches are as delicious as they look. Yolkin in Chinatown Soho has proven to be a hit with Londoner, you are almost always guaranteed to find a queue outside. The flavours change regularly some of the previous ones have included Milk & Cookies, Mint Brownie, Green Tea, Red Velvet and even cornflakes. The Yolkin team update their Instagram with the flavours they are working on so it is worth keeping an eye on their Instagram page. 


6Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 

Chin Chin Lab Nitrogen Ice cream in London

Where: Chin Chin Lab in Camden and Soho 

Chin Chin Lab is miles away from your traditional ice cream parlour. The first thing you will notice is the smoke-filled industrial themed room. At Chin Chin Labs your scoop of ice cream is frozen right in front of you using clouds of liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen means your scoop is softer and sweeter than a regular ice cream. One of the standouts on the menu are the ice cream sandwiches. Choux Bun Sandwich is definitely worth a try. On the menu, you will also find some really unique weekly changing flavours, some of the previous ones have included black tahini halva, beetroot and rose.


7Taiyaki Ice Cream 

Taiyaki Ice Cream Chinatown London

Where: Bake in Chinatown London 

Bake in Chinatown has put a spin on the popular Japanese fish-shaped cakes called Taiyaki which is usually filled with red bean paste or custard. Bake are serving these fish-shaped waffle cones with a scoop of matcha ice cream and it’s simply delicious!