In an age where technology has made it incredibly easy to stay digitally connected, we somehow have managed to feel more disconnected than ever before. As an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life, humans have sought tranquility by spending time in nature. The problem is most of us don’t know where to start. We are often distracted by our phones and buzzing notifications throughout the day that it’s impossible to relax. Unplugged is a company on a mission to help you break free from your devices so that you can relax and recharge.

Unplugged offers guests a digital detox experience in a luxury off-the-grid cabin. As the name suggests, Unplugged allows people to switch off their devices for 3 whole days, so they have the ultimate opportunity to sit back and recharge.

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Nestled away in a secret countryside location, the cabin is only an hour’s drive from central London. Therefore, it is very secluded yet conveniently reachable. What makes this digital detox especially interesting is upon arrival, guests are required to lock away their phones in a box for the entire detox. You’ll have a few minutes to snap some pictures for Instagram, but after that, no gadgets whatsoever for the three days- including WIFI and television.

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The owners of Unplugged, Hector and Ben, created the business after personally experiencing the benefits of disconnecting from technology and wanted others to reap the benefits as well. Although this is a minimalist experience, you can rest assured that you’ll be comfortable. The solar-powered cabin has a modern aesthetic and features a rainfall shower, luxurious bedding and a giant window to gaze from.

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The digital detox is a getaway that has something for everyone. For those who want to keep busy, there is lots to do and explore. For example, there is a stack of books to get lost in, a retro cassette player to listen to and board games for some friendly competition. You will also have access to “off the grid essentials” like a custom map to replace google maps and postcards to send to friends or family. The cabin even comes with a polaroid camera to document picturesque moments! However, if you want to do absolutely nothing and just relax- that’s perfectly acceptable too!

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The view from the cabin is simply beautiful and filled with forests and rolling hills. You have complete privacy as there is no other buildings in sight, so no need to worry about being disturbed. The peacefulness of the area makes it the ideal setting for yoga or deep meditation. Animals lovers will want to keep an eye out for frolicking deer and bouncing bunnies that are commonly seen roaming around.

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While the cabin is fully equipped for you to prepare your own meals, it is not the only dining option. You’ll find several local pubs only a 30-minute walk away in case you want to go out for a pint.

The digital detox experience is the perfect antidote for anyone who needs to clear their mind and recharge.


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