Whitepod: Eco Luxury Pods In The Swiss Alps

Experience the Swiss Alps from the comfort of your very own pod in the Whitepod Eco-luxury hotel. This lavish hotel is located at an altitude of 1700 meters in Switzerland’s Canton of Valais, in the village of Les Cerniers. Whitepod sits at the foot of the Dents-du-Midi mountain range and has a collection of luxurious pods.

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The futuristic pods have a cozy igloo-like design and are a part of the eco-tourism movement that strives to be carbon neutral. Whitepod’s philosophy is based on their belief that hospitality and the environment can coexist to establish a positive and unique experience. They want to provide guests with an escape from the stresses of everyday life in an environmentally friendly way.

There are 15 geodesic pods at the hotel surrounding a traditional 19th-century wooden chalet- creating a small igloo village. The central chalet makes for the perfect place to socialize and grab a bite to eat after a day spent on the slopes. Whitepod is nestled far away from busy streets and popular tourist lodges to allow guests a private and relaxing experience in nature.

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The pods at Whitepod come in various styles that range from cozy pods, family pods to pod suites. Therefore, they are appropriate for family trips or romantic getaways. Each pod is spacious and placed on a wooden platform with stilts driven into the ground. This enables the slope to remain in pristine condition as the structure is not very permanent. The pods are made from an insulating fiber and have a toasty pellet burning stove, allowing them to feel like a comfy little cocoon.

Due to the positioning of the suites, they are isolated and even have their own private terrace overlooking the mountains. Each pod features amenities such as a floor-to-ceiling window, a bathroom, WIFI and air-conditioning. Some pods have their own sauna, and the family pod has a mezzanine sleeping level that can be accessed via a ladder.

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All of the suites at Whitepod are uniquely decorated, and some have specific themes. For example, those looking for a posh atmosphere will want to stay in the 007 pod that has a clean design and high-tech furnishing inspired by James Bond. Most of the decorations in the pods are sourced from local flea markets, and each suite has luxury organic bedding.

Whitepod has one restaurant on its property named Les Cerniers. Here you’ll find traditional cuisine like cheese fondue served fireside within a cozy chalet environment. Les Cerniers keeps in line with Whitepod’s eco-tourism philosophy as it only serves local produce and wine. The restaurant also provides guests with “pod service,” which is room service delivered directly to your pod.

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There are endless amounts of activities at Whitepod in both the winter and summer months. During the wintertime, they offer 7km of ski slopes with a private ski lift. There is also the option to go on a dog sled tour or snowshoeing in the forest. The warm weather of summer allows for activities like husky hiking, paragliding and mountain biking. Summer is also the perfect time to take part in Slow Forrest, a forest bathing experience in which you walk in full silence without technology to reduce stress and anxiety.



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