9 Things to do in Hallstatt Austria

Nestled by the tranquil shores of a lake, Hallstatt emerges as a captivating village within Austria’s Salzkammergut region, embraced by the majestic Austrian Alps. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to its historical eminence and extraordinary natural panorama, this enchanting locale weaves together ancient traditions and breathtaking scenery.

From its iconic salt mines that have shaped its heritage, quaint wooden houses adorned with flowers, cobblestone streets, to the tranquil shores of Lake Hallstatt, the village offers a myriad of experiences. Uncover a curated selection of activities and attractions that make this Austrian gem a must-visit destination for all who yearn to explore its wonders. Here are the top things to do in Hallstatt.


1The Hallstätter See Lake

hallstatt austria lake

Hallstatt Austria lakeGetty Images

As one of the most famous lake views in the world, Hallstätter See is a must-visit destination in Austria. Nestled within the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dachstein Salzkammergut, Hallstätter See makes up part of the Austrian alpine landscape with iconic views of the salt mining town, the church clock tower and Schloss Grub castle. There are multiple ways to explore Hallstätter See with hiking and cycling trails surrounding the lake and numerous water-based activities. The best way to discover the lake is by fuhr, traditional flat-bottomed boats designed for the salt mining industry.



2Explore the Old Town

Hallstatt old town

hallstatt austria old townGetty Images

Topping the list of things to do in Hallstatt is exploring the Old Town. This charming and traditional quarter of the town features the most exquisite architecture, quaint streets and idyllic atmosphere. With the Marktplatz the central point, the Old Town sprawls out in all directions with cobbled streets of laid-back coffee shops, traditional houses and the most impressive views. The Old Town boasts enviable views with a picture-perfect landscape of Hallstätter See peppered with wooden chalets in the foreground and a backdrop of the Alps.

3Hallstatt Salt Mine

Salzwelten Hallstatt

Getty Images/ Salzwelten

A renowned salt mining town, Hallstatt is home to the oldest salt mine in the world at over 7000 years old. Overlooking the town from Salzburg (Salt Mountain), this alt Mine is accessed by cable car or funicular from the town. Fly down Europe’s longest wooden slide as you speed down the 64-metre miners tunnel.

Explore the tunnels and passageways below the surface walking in the footsteps of prehistoric miners as you enter one of Austria’s most important archaeological sites. See the rock salt walls, be awed by the underground salt lake and hear the stories of miners throughout history. This fascinating attraction is the town’s leading visitor attraction and a must-visit to understand the origins of the captivating salt mining town of Hallstatt, Austria. Pre-book your ticket here to avoid queues.




Hallstatt Skywalk

If you are in search of the most incredible landscape, Skywalk offers the most breathtaking panoramic views. The observation deck takes in outstanding views of the alpine landscape and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. Overlooking Hallstätter See, Skywalk witnesses the most unbelievable lake scenery extending to the charming towns and villages nestled on the waterfront. With viewing platforms hovering 360 metres in the air, Skywalk is one of the best places in Hallstatt to get a bird’s-eye view of the town.

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55 Finger Lookout Point

Hallstatt 5 Finger Lookout Point

A remarkable viewing platform located in the Dachstein Mountains, 5 Fingers looks over one of the best World Heritage views in Hallstatt. Found in Dachstein Krippenstein, one of Austria’s most exciting ski resorts, 5 Fingers is a series of metre wide viewing platforms. Named 5 Fingers for the five fingers of the viewing platform that resembles a hand, this phenomenal observation deck features glass flooring, telescopes and nighttime illumination. Sitting at 400 metres high, 5 Fingers is the highest viewpoint in Hallstatt with unbelievable views of the town, lake and surrounding alpine landscape.


6Try a Schaumrolle Pastry at Taglich Frisch Gebacken

Taglich Frisch Gebacken

This Austrian treat simply has to make it onto every Austrian bucket list, including things to do in Hallstatt. A schaumrolle is a cone or tube-shaped pastry deliciously stuffed with cream or meringue. The perfect blend of the French croissant, Hungarian chimney cake and British cream cake, the schaumrolle is the ultimate European dessert. Whilst you can indulge in schaumrolle all over Austria, there is no better place to enjoy this traditional sweet treat than in Hallstatt. Taglich Frisch Gebacken is a charming, traditional village bakery serving up the best oven-fresh schaumrolle in town.



7Hallstatt Museum

Hallstatt Museum

Hallstatt Museum

For an in depth insight into the history of Hallstatt and its surrounding villages, Hallstatt Museum is your one-stop educational experience. It is home to fascinating archaeological discoveries found in the area, many of which were found in the depths of the salt mine and Iron Age cemeteries. The artefacts on display in the Museum showcase the town’s rich heritage and captivating culture with items dating back over thousands of years.

The museum takes visitors on an immersive journey through Hallstatt’s history with incredible exhibitions, holographic representations and 3D presentations. When combined with a visit to Hallstatt Salt Mine, Hallstatt Museum is the perfect introduction into the town’s extensive and impressive history.



8Catholic Parish Church and Ossuary Chapel

Catholic Parish Church Hallstatt

Hallstatt Austria has an excellent collection of breathtaking religious buildings which add to the beautiful fairytale landscape of the town, adding elegance and charm to the alpine scenery. Nestled in the mountains, the Catholic Church of Hallstatt dates back to the 15th century and is one of the finest religious buildings in Austria. The Ascension of Our Lady church is home to breathtaking design, sculptures and artwork including three winged altars and remarkable Gothic frescoes.

Located next to the Catholic parish church, St Michael’s Chapel is one of the most fascinating tourist sites and is world-famous. Known as the ‘bone house’, this ossuary chapel is home to a collection of over 600 painted skulls that are incredibly interesting. Whilst the journey to reach the church and chapel involves a short, uphill climb, the ascent is worth it, not only for the incredible facade and interiors of the church and fascinating ossuary discoveries but also for the outstanding panoramic views of the town and Hallstätter See below.



9Dachstein Giant Ice Cave 

Dachstein Giant Ice Cave

A hidden gem in the Dachstein mountains, the Dachstein Giant Ice Cave is a hypnotic work of Mother Nature. This natural wonder is the world’s largest ice cave with underground glaciers covering 42km within the depths of the mountains. One of the greatest natural phenomenons in the Alps, Dachstein Giant Ice Cave features cascades of frozen turquoise, dramatic subterranean icebergs and impressive stalactites. Guided tours take you into the depths of the ice cave with a dedicated guide sharing their exceptional knowledge and mind-blowing facts about this spellbinding spot.


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