Achiote Jungle Villas : Luxury Jungle Living In Costa Rica

The Achiote Jungle Villas are minimalist tree houses in Costa Rica’s jungles designed by the world-renowned Formafatal studio. Located in Uvita, Costa Rica, a small town stretched along the South Pacific coast. The jungle villas partly levitate above the steep southern slope at a height of around 300 m above the sea. It is a luxury yet intimate affair at The Achiote Jungle Villas with only 2 unique villas available. 

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Casa Nefrit and Casa Jaspis are two adult-only getaways, each with one bedroom and one bathroom. Both of the treehouses are perched above the canopies and covered in glass, provide wide views of the ocean and the rich forest backdrop. Enjoy the view directly from your bed or from your very own private terrace which features a plunge infinity pool. 

Each villa is fully equipped with all the amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. The kitchen, equipped with appliances by KitchenAid, which give you the opportunity to make your own meals and enjoy it in the large ocean view terrace. The bedrooms are spacious and feature comfortable beds. The villas also feature modern bathrooms with rain showers. The architecture of both villas is identical. Materials, floor plan arrangement, and cardinal point orientation are all the same. However, it differs in the interior, especially by its color concept, which is somewhat mirrored in the exteriors.

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Jaspis Villa (jaspis = jasper, bright villa) is a reflection of yin energy, it is connected to the ocean and sky, not only visually, but also its vibrations. With a colour concept in sand shades. Nefrit Villa (nefrit = jade, dark villa) is a reflection of yang energy. In the Nefrit villa you can feel the connection with the ground and the jungle. Here, too, the chosen color concept is reaction to these energies and the red-terracotta color of the concrete floor transmits the shade of local soil to the interior of the house.

The Achiote Jungle Villas are nestled in the middle of the jungle, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore Costa Rica’s natural beauty. The are is bursting with wildlife, monkeys, sloths, and tropical birds, may be seen in the surrounding region. Explore the rainforest on foot or by bike, or join a guided tour to learn more about the local flora and wildlife. The Achiote Jungle Villas also acts as the ideal base to make the most of the outdoor activities such as zip-lining, rafting, and hiking Costa Rica is known for.


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