The Anthénea is world’s first floating hotel suite that is 100% solar powered.

Designed by French architect Jean Michel Ducancell, the Anthénea is bringing out a new kind of travel. Futuristic-looking luxury pod, powered entirely by the sun and is “designed to live in harmony with nature, anywhere in the world for a lifetime”.

The Anthénea floating hotel 2

Floating on the surface, the pod is anchored to the ocean floor using technology known as ‘sand screw anchoring’ that doesn’t damage the underwater ecosystem. The design of the pod is inspired by the hideout in the 1977’s film called ‘Atlantis’. Its domed shape is designed is designed to follow the sun’s rays. 

The Anthénea pod is equipped with silent electric motors and claims to to be adaptable to any waterbody, any climate, unsinkable that can withstands force 6 winds and also adapt to a wide temperature range, from -30°C to 40°C. These luxury floating hotels are designed to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to building hotels on land. 

The Anthénea floating hotel 2

Inside, the suite has the capacity to sleep 12, measuring 50 sqm, the suite features 3 living zones: 

Day space: Comfy sofa, minibar, curved furniture covered with waxed concrete and a 3m underwater window observatory.

Night Space: Includes a 2.20-metre circular bed and a bathtub that uses fresh or seawater.
Relaxation Area: Offers 360-degree solarium on its rooftop for 12 people.
All interiors are entirely made from sustainable materials. The pod also has a water-processing system that means it only produces what it consumes and releases clean water. Optional features include a desalination system and wood-burning stove and can be installed anywhere with zero environmental impact. 


The Anthénea floating hotel
The Anthénea floating hotel


Anthénea say: “Offering a new form of tourist experience between underwater vision and land exploration, Anthénea allows the traveller to discover unsuspected territories and live unexplored experiences while unfolding the thread of the intimate: the link with nature and with oneself.”

To navigate the Anthénea pod no experience or navigational knowledge is required, it can be operated by anyone. This one of a kind floating hotel suit is available to private buyers and hoteliers, but will set you back at least US $535,000.

The Anthénea floating hotel


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