The team behind the absolutely epic Treehouse hotel have come out with another masterpiece. Oh, if you didn’t already know about Treehouse hotel. Take a look here – promise you won’t be disappointed!

Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa in Sweden floats along the Lule River in the Swedish Lapland. This all-year-round unique hotel floats on the river during the summer months and in winter it freezes into place. Located just 31 miles from the Arctic circle, Arctic Bath Hotel has taken its inspiration from timbers that drift down the river. Designed by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kaupp, Arctic Bath is also the ultimate place to catch the Northern Lights.

This one of a kind arctic experience contains 12 private cabins, 6 hotel cabins (double rooms) floating on the river. If you prefer to stay on land there are 6 more cabins on land, 3 of which are suites and 3 cabins sleeping 1 – 5 people. The interior is very nordic in style and has an intimate cosy feel. Despite its isolated location, you will have all access to all the amenities you would expect from a luxury hotel including Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating are built into each cabin.

Our favourite aspect of the cabin has to be the floor to ceiling windows and the skylight to gaze at the star and if you are lucky even the Northern Lights. The exterior is artfully crafted using local timber logs, it ties in perfectly with the Scandanavian design and also keeps you warm during the winter months. Not only is the design visually appealing but Arctic bath hotel is also eco-friendly, using only local material and with ‘minimal-to-no’ impact on the environment. 

The star of this unique hotel has to be the floating open-air cold bath (it is maintained at refreshing 4 degrees). Arctic Bath has a circular shape with the bath in the centre, the circular shape acts as a barrier from the northern winds. Perfect sunbathing during the winter months and winter bathing gazing up in search of the Northern Lights. Accompanying the cold bath is the spa, which features 4 saunas, treatment room, and a hot bath. 

Booking at the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa are available from February 2020 through February 2021.