The newly opened, Bodmin Jail Hotel is a blend of luxury and history deep in the heart of Cornwall. Overlooking the Bodmin moor – What was originally the Bodmin Jail, has now lost the shackles of its past as a modern architectural restoration has altered it to be the freshest face in the line of luxury hotels in Cornwall.

Now a luxury hotel, Bodmin Jail Hotel was originally constructed in 1779, during the regime of King George III and designed by Sir John Call, the prison design is an antique engineering marvel. It is almost ironically poetic that the prison composition of yesteryear immaculately translates to the likes of futuristic luxury. 

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A luxury portal that takes you back in time

The moment you step inside the Bodmin Jail hotel, you are greeted by the front desk team with a graceful smile and warmth. What seems like a door to the past, surprisingly leads to a brand-new era of a relic’s encounter with modernism. A prominent four-storey structure with 70 luxury rooms, this prison hotel emanates richness and leisure, all whilst withholding the appeal of the old-world that speaks the language of the future.

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Bodmin Jail Hotel boasts of a plush heritage experience with the original stonewalls, Egyptian bedding that you can sink into; which again, is a universe of its own, free-standing baths, tropical showers, locally sourced toiletries, a lounge for quiet rejuvenation, and you may snack from the mini-bar stocked with regionally culled delicacies.

Select your stay from diverse list namely Classic rooms, Executive Governor’s rooms, Family rooms, and Accessible rooms. And, for the cherry on top, Bodmin Jail hotel is a dog-friendly space so your paw pals can join you for the vacation.

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 Delightful relief for your taste buds

The scrumptious food offered by ‘The Chapel Restaurant’ is a sweet surrender for your taste buds. The menu, delicately curated by the head chef with uncompromised healthy delicacies, is inspired by the Cornish culture imbued with fresh ingredients and flavors from the neighborhood. This prison hotel also houses the ‘The Chapel bar’ with relaxed raging fires and cozy chairs to quench your thirst by providing a splayed choice of beverages from gin & tonic, champagnes to beers and wines.

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Or hang out at ‘The Jolly Hangman Tavern’, which features the finest menu and some of the funniest and creatively named dishes, which you need to visit to find out. Serving some traditional Cornish delights, exclusive coffees, and incredible desserts, you can’t miss the culinary enchantment that will surely leave you hanging for words to describe your awestruck experience.

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For the ambivert within you

With elements of exploration in abundance, you can absorb the ambiance of Cornwall filling your heart & mind with ineffable memories. The North and South coasts being about an hour away from Bodmin present you with a chance to visit many beautiful beaches. Provincially, you can visit the Bodmin museum, Eden project, the camel trail or other countless places around Bodmin to satisfy the explorer in you.

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If you don’t feel adventurous, you can just walk out of your room and mindfully witness the wonders of the night sky and stars through the palatial glass ceiling.

The Bodmin Jail Hotel provides a hybrid experience of a historically rich past with an essence of present-day style. With its design excellence, healthy & mouth-watering dining options, exciting offers, meeting & wedding spaces, and the capability of catering to all kinds of travellers & tourists, you cannot just ignore this opportunity.





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