Casa Malca : Pablo Escobar’s Mansion 

Majority of us are guilty of binge-watching Narcos and to all the Narcos fans out there we have just found the hotel you would want to add to your bucket list. That’s right the “King of Cocaine” Pablo Escobar’s Mansion in Tulum Mexico has now been turned into a luxury boutique hotel, Casa Malca.

In case you aren’t aware of who Pablo Escobar was, he was Colombia’s most notorious drug lord during the 1980’s and 1990’s. He headed the Medellín Cartel and at the height of its operations, brought in an eye-watering profit of $60-$100 million DAILY.

Casa Malca Pablo Escobar's Mansion 2 Casa Malca Pablo Escobar's Mansion 2

The property that once belonged to the world’s wealthiest ever drug lord now hosts 42 luxurious rooms and suites. Located in a secluded corner of Tulum which is known for its vivid blue seas and spectacular coastline. Casa Malca is set right on the beach with 180 metres of a private white sandy beach which is surrounded by lush green forest.

The hotel perfectly captures the essence of Casa Malca’s earthy charm with an all-white and eco-friendly construction which contrasts with the contemporary paintings and sculptures. It is bright and airy with a back-to-nature feel to it. Sadly for all the Narcos fans out there no traces of Escobar are visible. If you didn’t know the history that lies within the mansion prior to your visit it would be very difficult to guess who the property previously belonged to.

Casa Malca Pablo Escobars Mansion 1 1Casa Malca Pablo Escobar's Mansion 2

At Casa Malca it is all about good life and luxury. The rooms boast floor to ceiling windows with the view of the Caribbean Sea or their lush private garden. The decor is an eclectic mix of colours and textures with purple velvet curtains, polished concrete floors, giant bark doors and soft furnishing. The artwork in the hotel rotates giving you a chance to see different artwork on each visit.

It is a great place to unwind, take a stroll on the private beach, unwind in the locally made hammock which hangs from the trees and wooden cabanas overlooking the crystal blue sea. There’s also a hidden underground steam room which takes you directly into the pool. There’s also a rooftop bar and a restaurant serving local organic cuisine. It lends a sense of freedom, we can see why Escobar would have chosen this location as his hideaway to get away from it all.


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