Casa di Langa : First Hotel To Offer Truffle Concierge 

Where: Piedmont, Italy

Calling all Truffle Lover!

Casa di Langa in the heart of northern Italy’s Piedmont region is a new sustainable luxury hotel that is offering the world’s first ever truffle concierge accompanied with program of truffle-themed culinary experiences.

Overlooking 40+ hectares of working vineyards and rolling hills, the 39 room boutique property in Italy sits on the doorstep of Le Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Constructed with local materials and inspired by traditional architecture, it combines traditional Piedmontese design with sustainable practices thoughtfully in the estate.

Casa di Langa

The Piedmont region is famous for its Alba white truffles, which are some of the most sought after, rarest and most recognised for its highest quality in the world. Casa di Langa celebrates this local, yet rare specialty with immersive truffle hunting experiences on property and the world’s first hotel Truffle Concierge service to immerse guests further into this beloved pastime.

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You can experience the ancient and elusive art of truffle hunting year-round without ever leaving the Casa di Langa’s 103-acre Estate. Expert truffle hunters and their Lagotto dogs (an Italian breed known for their truffle finding abilities) will guide you on an exciting journey through unmarked scenic trails in the forests to discover both the black and white truffle. The famous white Alba truffles are available from late September to January, while the rest of the year a variety of black truffles can be found.

The hotel’s Truffle Concierge can arrange for your truffle finds to be shipped through certified partners.  The service also includes proper handling and storage for truffles purchased by guests back on property. The hotel’s dedicated chiller is used solely for the purposes of storing guests’ truffles with the utmost care and security.

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Visit between the months of October and December to take part in the popular Alba White Truffle Festival. The festival is one of the top showcases of haute cuisine and Italian excellence. For eight weeks every year, this event turns the spotlight on Alba, on the hills of Langhe, Roero, Monferrato, on quality food and the excellence of the region, by becoming one of the most coveted and prestigious displays in Italy. The Truffle Concierge is available to offer guidance in procuring truffles in the region, additional tours, and navigating the festival.

The stay at Casa di Langa isn’t just limited to truffles, this sustainably luxurious hotel also offers 42 magnificent hectares of working vineyards and Italian landscape with wine concierge on hands to guide you. Cruise through historic vineyards on an iconic Italian Vespa, learn a new skill at the cooking school or to experience a wine tasting led by wine experts.

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Spend an afternoon hiking the lush forest paths or curl up with a good book in our hazelnut grove. Discover the garden and greenhouse, where rows of fresh herbs and crisp vegetables provide the foundation for the menu at Fàula Ristorante. If you are looking to simply relax head to the all-natural treatment at Lelòse Spa & Wellness or take in an evening of live music under the stars.


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