Top 17 Luxury Diwali Gift Guide 

Diwali is a five-day festival of lights celebrated by millions of people around the world. Occurring around a similar time as the harvest and Hindu new year celebration, Diwali is a celebration of new beginnings and triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. This celebratory time features gifts, lights, fireworks and feasts. We’ve scoured the world of opulence to bring you a handpicked assortment of gifts that embody sophistication, elegance, and cultural significance. Here are our top picks for luxury Diwali gifts. 


1Bateel : Dates Chest of Drawer for Diwali 

Bateel Dates Chest Drawer

Designed to impress, Bateel’s organic plain and filled dates are elegantly presented in this lavish three-layer chest. This grand packaging makes for a perfectluxury Diwali gift.  The chest highlights an elaborate floral design with gold embellishments. It features a shiny gold interior with trays that perfectly display each date in every layer. The gift set is complemented with an elegant ribbon for a stylish finish.

Grown and harvested using sustainable farming methods, each Bateel date is known for its inimitable taste and flavour profile. Healthy and delectable, every Bateel date is a promise of quality. Customise your Wildflower chest with a premium selection of plain organic dates, gourmet filled dates or a flavourful combination of both.


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2The Royal Mint: Lakshmi 20g Gold Bar Minted

luxury diwali gifts uk royal mint gold

Depicting a new and exclusive design of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. An auspicious gift which unites British minting excellence and time-honoured traditions, containing 20g of 24 Karat/ 999.9 fine gold beautifully presented in a specially designed henna patterned sleeve.

An alternative to holding precious metals in plain bars and ingots, the designs and themes depicted on bullion coins add an element of collectability. Bullion coins/bars are a form of investment making for an ideal luxury Diwali gift for your loved one. Each bar is imprinted with a unique serial number. Designed in collaboration with Nilesh Kabaria from the Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Cardiff.


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3Baefi : Diwali Barfi Gift Set 

best barfi for diwali uk

Barfia stands out as the pioneer Indian confectionery establishment, infusing traditional Indian sweets with artisanal flair. They breathe fresh life into beloved Indian classics by incorporating Western influences and presenting them with a touch of elegance, ensuring a truly opulent culinary experience.

Offering some of the most unique flavours of Barfis, including bubblegum Barfi, popcorn Barfi, candy floss Barfi to even lemonade mojito. The premium jade luxury hamper is packed with both sweet and savoury delights, there is something for everyone with this luxury Diwali gift. 


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4Newby Teas : Matthew Williamson’s Tea Gift Set for Diwali 

Newby by Matthew Williamson Gift Set for diwali

Newby teas are renowned for uncompromising flavour that mirrors the character of their source. Tea is shipped directly to our unique, state-of-the-art preservation, storage, blending and packing facility in India. Opening like a treasure chest of sparkling jewels, this Newby by Matthew Williamson Gift Set is the perfect luxury Diwali gift set.

Showcasing all three of their luxurious blends including Jasmine Rose Garden (Green Tea), Exotic Earl Grey Tea (Black Tea) and Maharaja’s Breakfast Tea (Black tea). Decorated with iconic British designer Matthew Williamson’s exclusive drawings, this keepsake tea gift set will bring with it the grandeur of the colourful palaces of Jaipur, as well as the exquisite tastes of this exotic collaboration.


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5Dior : Set of 4 Dinner Plates 

Dior Set of 4 Dinner Plates

Reflecting the inspiration behind the Fall-Winter 2023-2024 fashion show in Mumbai, Dior Maison unveils the India line. The floral Jardin Indien design and the iconic Toile de Jouy motif  revisited here as an ode to the flora and fauna of Indian landscapes —adorn a series of exceptional creations in a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors like pink, yellow, blue and orange.

A magical invitation to escape, these delicate sketches accent embroidered pillows, dinner and dessert plates, placemats, trays and two miniature candles. A final surprise of two vases imagined in collaboration with the Manufacture des Émaux de Longwy, founded in 1798, completes this enchanting universe, offering a magical escape for your Diwali celebration or the perfect Diwali gift.


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6Lladro : Lotus Round Diya Figurine. Golden Lustre

lladro diya

The diya is an oil lamp for offerings, inspired by Hindu religious and iconographic traditions. Porcelain figurine in the shape of an oil lamp for offerings (diya), in matte brown-black porcelain embellished with enamel and gold lustre.

This beautiful diya makes for an ideal luxury Diwali gift, finished in matte porcelain and decorated in brown-black with enamel and gold luster on the interior. This piece is available individually and as an optional complement to the Lord Shiva piece which is also available to purchase on Lladro’s website.


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7Biscuit Boutique : Diwali Chocolate Bonbons / Biscuits 

luxury diwali gift biscuit boutique

Treat your loved ones this Diwali with Biscuit Boutique’s gourmet cookies. Biscuit Boutique’s stunning designs feature chocolate ganache filling which is a treat for the taste-buds. Works of art aren’t usually edible, and delicious food is rarely beautiful, but Biscuit Boutique has managed to disprove both of the assumptions.

This family-owned business run by mother-and-son duo Judith and George, and his partner Christian create complex baked cookies that serve as dazzling geometric artworks in their own right. All wrapped up in their distinctively yellow and gold packaging, their stunning designs ooze class and sophistication.


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8Amaranté London : Infinity Flowers For Diwali 

Amaranté London roses

Flowers are the perfect Diwali gift. Why not take it up a notch with infinity roses. These beautiful infinity roses can be the ultimate luxury Diwali gift, crated using a unique preservation method, they last for years, not days. They shouldn’t require any watering or direct sunlight.

They come in an assortment of fourteen delicate and vivid colours, making them an excellent choice for Diwali and enhance any space. Various coloured boxes for a customisable gift are on offer.


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9Gourmet Luxe : Swaadisht Diwali Gift Hamper 

Gourmet Luxe celebrates the need to surprise, to pamper, to celebrate, to indulge and to feast. Every item in the hamper is chosen for it’s premium quality, unique taste as well as asthetics. The Swaadisht gift collection really does make a statement and is an indulgent treat par excellence.

Signature range of Indian sweets and savouries are paired with a luxury caddy of Saffron, Rose Petal and Cardamom Chai and an alluringly fragranced luxury candle. Inside the box you will be treated to Assorted Mithai (Indian Sweets), Gourmet Handmade Chocolates, Nan Khatai (Indian Shortbread Biscuits) Tin, Rose Petal Mukhwas (Indian Mouth Freshener), Indian Pickle or Chutney, Saffron, Rose & Cardamom Chai Tea Caddy, Luxury Candle, Pistachio, Cardamom, Saffron & 23ct Gold Hot Chocolate. Make someone feel truly appreciated and recognised with this luxury Diwali hamper gift.


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10Shaku : Indian Rose Candle

Shaku Indian Rose Candle

Indian rose, a timeless emblem of deep decadence. Any Indian festival is not considered complete without fresh roses to enhance the beauty of the occasion. Chains of rose petals hang from canopies and embellish tables, the most famous aroma enriching the air, making the Shaku Indian Rose Candle the perfect gift this Diwali.

Made in Scotland, the scent is infused into a blend of rapeseed and coconut mineral wax, then hand-poured and set in bespoke fine bone china pots. Each pot is crafted at the hands of skilled ceramicists in Staffordshire, complete with Shakera’s intricate, hand-drawn illustration inspired by the scent.

As the candle burns, the flame gives a spectacular warm glow through the vessel which illuminates the design from within. When finished, you are left with a beautiful keepsake intended to be treasured for years to come.


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11Freesia Bamboo Incense Sticks : Gucci 

Gucci incense sticks luxury stocking filler ideas

Diwali is a festival deeply rooted in Indian culture and traditions. Incense has been an integral part of Indian rituals and ceremonies for centuries. Gifting incense sticks aligns perfectly with the spiritual and cultural significance of the occasion. Gifting incense can symbolize the wish for life to be filled with positivity, tranquility, and spiritual growth making it a perfect Diwali gift. 

Gucci incense sticks are crafted from bamboo with a bright fuchsia hue. The scent, Freesia, recalls a botanical garden with the fresh, intoxicating aroma of African freesia blending with green notes of violet and resinous galbanum. 25 sticks per pack.


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12Forest Essentials : Jal Mahal Gift Box

Forest Essentials Jal Mahal Gift Box

At Forest Essentials, traditions of India are fully embraced. They have quickly become the quintessential Indian beauty brand that combines the ancient beauty rituals of Ayurveda with a stylish, modern aesthetic for a more relevant emphasis on efficacy, sensorial experience and pleasure of usage.

‘Jal Mahal’ in Hindi translates to ‘The Palace of Water.’ Jal Mahal Gift Box features intricate artwork, showcasing a palace standing majestically on a still lake full of water lilies, against a glimmering night sky full of stars. Its only inhabitants- the parrots and peacocks sing songs of unrequited love that echo through the night.

Encased within is a luxurious selection of our skincare and bath & body bestsellers. Infused with the prowess of superior Ayurvedic herbs, these efficacious essentials help defy signs of ageing, illuminate, soften and nourish the skin.


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13Touched Interiors : Ganesh Diya Figurine

ganesh diya by touched 1

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Lighting diyas (oil lamps) during Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and negativity. People light diyas to welcome and invoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.

Gift your loved one with a luxurious diya, figurine in the shape of an oil lamp for offerings (diya), representing the Hindu god Lord Ganesha on a border embellished with gold lustre. Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom and knowledge. This deity is very popular in India, and is represented here in an oil lamp for offerings (diya) inspired by Hindu religious traditions, festivals, and iconography.


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14Ranavat : I am Royal Set 

Diwali gift ranavat

Rooted in ritual, Ranavat is a botanical skincare collection that drives connection. Kings and queens of Rajasthan wanted to live forever, and they used ancient elixirs and potions to help them get there. Started with the inspiration to celebrate the Indian culture and pass on those traditions and heirlooms, Ranavat makes for a great luxury Diwali gift.

Give the gift of Ranavat ritual with their “I Am Royal Set” which features full size treatments of the entire line this Diwali. This luxury gift for Diwali includes: Royal Refresh Hydrating Jasmine Mist, Luminous Ceremony Crème Cleanser + Ritual Key (or Ritual Wand), Imperial Glow Facial Polish + Ritual Key (or Ritual Wand), Radiant Rani Brightening Saffron Serum, Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair Serum, Kansa Wand – Detoxifying Facial Massage Tool, Eternal Reign Renewing Bakuchi Crème, Radiant Rani Resurfacing Saffron AHA Masque + Ritual Wand.


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15Fable & Mane : Ritual Collection Hair Set 

luxury diwali gift fable & mane

Drawing from the Indian tradition of hair oiling, Fable & Mane’s Ritual Collection is the great gift to give your loved ones this Diwali season. This signature collection of products conatins 4 products for stronger hair, starting at the roots – HoliRoots™ Hair Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, and a Hair Mask.

Each product in this 4 step ritural is formulated to enrich the hair and spirit. Containing natural ingredients such as ashwagandha, dashmool, caster oil and coconut, this luxury hair kit serves as an opulent Diwali gift.


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16Etro : Maharaja 500 Elephant Tray

Inspired by the Indian Maharaja, this majestic tray is enriched by the iconic paisley detailing for a signature Etro finish. Having spent time travelling around India, Jacopo – the son of founder Gimmo and the brand Etro’s current creative director of accessories, home, and textiles certainly brings that influence to this design, spotlighting a delightfully decorated elephant to the centre, making it great as a Diwali gift.


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17Made With Love In India : Brass Spice Box Masala Dabba

Brass Spice Box Masala Dabba

Handmade in India, this pure brass spice box is engraved with traditional floral motifs. 8 inches wide, the masala dabba comes with 7 containers and a spoon. Tradition marries a contemporary brushed metal texture and the box is finished with a food-grade lacquer to retain the richness of brass over time.

For centuries, utensils were forged in brass to withstand the testing demands of Indian kitchens, yet glowed elegantly, elevating kitchens big or small. Bring back the glow of the traditional Indian kitchen to yours, today. Use it to store spices, snacks, mukhwas (Indian mouth fresheners), knick-knacks, making it a perfect Diwali gift for someone who loves their kitchen.


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