Top 10 Luxury Diwali Gift Guide 


Diwali is a five-day festival of lights celebrated by millions of people around the world. Occurring around a similar time as the harvest and Hindu new year celebration, Diwali is a celebration of new beginnings and triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. This celebratory time features gifts, lights, fireworks and feasts.

Here are our top 10 picks for luxury Diwali gifts:


1Dates Chest of Drawer for Diwali 

bateel rose gold chest drawer 1

A luxurious rose fold chest drawer adorned with elegant floral patterns. Embellished with a beautiful floral motif in soft, golden-tinged hue, Bateel’s Rose Gold Chest Drawer makes for an ideal luxury Diwali gift. 

Customise your chest drawer with a premium selection of plain dates, gourmet filled dates or a flavourful combination of both. The gourmet filled dates is available in an assortment of premium fillings like roasted nuts and candied fruits. The Bateel dates are sustainably farmed, organic and each date is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, providing a great source of energy.

Bateel £79


2Lakshmi 20g Gold Bar Minted

luxury diwali gifts uk royal mint gold

Depicting a new and exclusive design of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. An auspicious gift which unites British minting excellence and time-honoured traditions, containing 20g of 24 Karat/ 999.9 fine gold beautifully presented in a specially designed henna patterned sleeve.

An alternative to holding precious metals in plain bars and ingots, the designs and themes depicted on bullion coins add an element of collectability. Bullion coins/bars are a form of investment making for an ideal luxury Diwali gift for your loved one. Each bar is imprinted with a unique serial number

Designed in collaboration with Nilesh Kabaria from the Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Cardiff

Royal Mint £1,080 


3Diwali Barfi Gift Set 

best barfi for diwali uk

Popular for not only their mouth wateringly delicious barfi’s but also some of the most unique flavours of barfis. When we say unique flavours we really mean it, some of the most standout flavours including bubblegum barfi, popcorn barfi, candy floss barfi to even lemonade mojito. The premium jade luxury hamper is packed with both sweet and savoury delights, there is something for everyone with this luxury Diwali gift. 

Barfia £70


4Tea Gift Set for Diwali 

Newby by Matthew Williamson Gift Set for diwali

Opening like a treasure chest of sparkling jewels, this Newby by Matthew Williamson Gift Set is the perfect luxury Diwali gift set. Showcasing all three of our luxurious blends and decorated with iconic British designer Matthew Williamson’s exclusive drawings, this keepsake gift set will bring with it the grandeur of the colourful palaces of Jaipur, as well as the exquisite tastes of this exotic collaboration. 

Newby £95


5Diwali Diya Gift 

lladro diya for diwali

The diya is an oil lamp for offerings, inspired by Hindu religious and iconographic traditions. Porcelain figurine in the shape of an oil lamp for offerings (diya), in matte brown-black porcelain embellished with enamel and gold lustre. This beautiful diya makes for an ideal luxury diwali gift, finished in matte porcelain and decorated in brown-black with enamel and gold luster on the interior. This piece is available individually and as an optional complement to the Lord Shiva piece which is also available to purchase on Lladro’s website.

Lladro £180



6Diwali Chocolate Bonbons

luxury diwali gift biscuit boutique

The indulgent chocolate Bonbon’s new recipe features luscious dark Belgian chocolate (55%) with Belgian chocolate ganache & nutty hazelnut praline filling. These handmade Bonbons are then topped with a soft fondant, acting as a canvas for the stunningly painted mosaic designs topped with ‘Happy Diwali’ wishes. 

Biscuit Boutique £28


7Flowers for Diwali Gift 

flowers for diwali flux de fleur

Treat your loved with flowers that last at least a year with Flux de Fleur’s Infinity De Fleur round flowers. These flowers can be the ultimate luxury diwali gift with high quality roses that are cut freshly from their farms before undergoing a special procedure to expand the natural roses lifespan. This also retains the shape and texture of the rose like it was naturally and requires no watering and practically no maintenance. This luxury box of roses for Diwali will enhance any space.

Flux de Fleur £189


8Candle for Diwali Gift 

D.S. & Durga rama wont you please come home diwali gift (1)

Founded by an architect and a musician, D.S. & Durga prides itself on creating fragrances that transport us to fantastical worlds, and the enchanting Rama Won’t You Please Come Home candle does just that. Inspired by the ancient Hindu legend of Rama, the refreshing aroma is abundant with North Indian forest tree flowers and earthy woods, capturing the light, spirit and energy of Diwali in candle form.

D.S. & Durga at Harrods £60


9Freesia Bamboo Incense Sticks : Gucci 

Gucci incense sticks luxury stocking filler ideas

Gucci incense sticks are crafted from bamboo with a bright fuchsia hue. The scent, Freesia, recalls a botanical garden with the fresh, intoxicating aroma of African freesia blending with green notes of violet and resinous galbanum. 25 sticks per pack.

Gucci £60


10Ganesh Diya Figurine

ganesh diya by touched 1

Figurine in the shape of an oil lamp for offerings (diya), representing the Hindu god Lord Ganesha on a border embellished with gold lustre. Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom and knowledge. This deity is very popular in India, and is represented here in an oil lamp for offerings (diya) inspired by Hindu religious traditions, festivals and iconography.

Touched Interiors £190