Casa Ojalá is a new unique accommodation experience. One that immerses you in the surrounding nature, free from technology, yet without lacking the luxury and comforts of exquisite design and quality craftsmanship in every thought out detail.

Defining the future of luxury travel, Casa Ojalá is compact measuring just measures just 27 sqm and operates with a manual mechanism made of ropes, pulleys, handles and cranks. This one of a kind luxury cabin can be reconfigured into 20 different layouts thanks to its fabric partitions, roleable walls and sliding walls. It can also be equipped with self contained electrical, solar panels, and rainwater collection systems allowing it to be immersed freely into the landscape without the constraints of connection to the civilized grid.

Offering quick assembly and virtually nonexistent footprint allow for easy expansion of an existing property or new developments on land of any type: vineyards or mountains, woods or seaside. Its high degree of flexibility makes it ideal for locations far flung: from Argentina to Indonesia, Namibia to Italy.

All framed by a circular exterior, Casa Ojalá comes with options for 1 double and 1 single bed and can sleep a maximum of 3. There is also living spaces, private roof terrace that can be accessed by a ladder and a sculptural bathtub. It’s clean floor plan, high ceiling and spacious roof terrace makes for a grand experience wherever you are. Casa Ojalá is completely customisable, you can pick the wood essences for the walls and for the platforms, all fabrics for the walls and the terrace rail,along with the colour of all metals (beams, fireplace, base).

casa ojalacasa ojala

Casa Ojalá was inspired by travels of Italian architect Beatrice Bonzanigo in the vast and endless countryside of the northern Andes. It first debuted at Milan Design Week in 2019 and is available to hotels and boutique accommodations around the world. In fact the first unit has been installed at Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, Tuscany in June 2021. 

Casa Ojalá is not just limited to hotels it is also available for private customers on an application basis.

casa ojalacasa ojalacasa ojala

Photos: Courtesy Beatrice Bonzanigo, IB Studio, luca miserocchi




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