6 Reasons To Visit Tuscany In Autumn 

Visiting Tuscany during the Autumn months is all about colours and flavours. Move beyond the beaches into the idyllic medieval towns, rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves and farms as the colours change over the Autumn months. Tuscany is Autumn is a food lover dreams with plethora of food festivals featuring seasonal delicacies.

Temperatures range from 20°C to 25°C, around September and October expect shades of yellow and as you move into October and November the hills and landscape are hues of red and orange. Autumn months are perfect to explore Tuscany. Here are 6 reasons to celebrate Autumn in Tuscany.


1Perfect Weather To Relax In Hot Thermal Waters

Tuscany has the highest number of thermal springs in all of Italy, outdoor thermal springs offer one of the most unique experiences. These thermal springs are silk blue water pools where steamy hot water cascades down the rocks. The cool Autumn temperature makes it  the perfect activity.

Relax and restore your energy at one of the many outdoor thermal springs as you overlook the stunning landscapes and kaleidoscope of Autumnal colours. The most amazing thing about thermal springs in Tuscany is that, many outdoor thermal springs are free and open throughout the year. The water that flows into these thermal hot springs is also known to have therapeutic properties. The Saturnia thermal hot springs is one of the most popular free outdoor hot spring, you will also find luxury spa resorts in Tuscany which offer the thermal spring waters in their spa facilities.


2Wine & Olive Harvest Season 

tuscany in autumn

Harvest is in full swing during the Autumn months. It is the perfect opportunity to experience some of the harvest traditions. September and early October are dedicated to grape harvest giving you the chance to sample Tuscan wine, especially the renowned “Chianti Classico”. Explore the wine trails in Chianti, which is dotted with small and larger wineries.

You will also find winemaking tours which let you part take in the grape collection, demonstrate the ancient technique of pressing of the grapes barefoot, and see the winemaking process first hand along with wine tasting. Towns along this route also host countless festivals dedicated to wine. Olive harvest takes places from September to December giving you a perfect opportunity to sample the local ‘fett’unta’ which is a Tuscan delicacy – a piece of grilled bread that is rubbed with garlic, soaked in freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil from the region. 

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3Chestnuts, Mushrooms, and Truffles

tuscany in autumn what to do

truffle hunting tusancy during autumn

Autumn months are not just limited to olive and wine harvest, truffle hunting, chestnut and mushroom are taken a centre stage. Chestnuts have been a staple food for those living in the Tuscan mountains for centuries and till this day chestnuts are highly regarded in the region with dedicated chestnuts festivals and chestnuts stalls across the region in the Autumn months. 

October also marks the start of truffle and mushroom season. Menus in the restaurants across the region feature fresh mushroom and truffle dishes. The town of San Miniato is also home to various truffle festivals. We highly recommend participating in a truffle hunting tour in the hills of San Miniato. Hunting with truffle-dogs, searching for the truffles with a gourmet meal at the end is a great way to fully indulge in the Tuscan culinary tradition and explore the countryside.


4Festivals, Festivals, Festivals 

Autumn months in Tuscany bring along plenty of festivals including wine and food festivals, equestrian shows, antique fairs and many more to celebrate the arrival of Autumn. It is probably one of the best times in the year to discover the famous Tuscan cuisine and indulge in some local produce. For up-to-date information about the events in Tuscany during Autumn visit Discover Tuscany here


5Autumn Colours Are Everywhere

tuscany during autumn

Tuscan countryside in Autumn is simply breathtaking. The landscapes and rolling hills look like something out of a painting, there’s an explosion of colours everywhere you look from vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. The weather is also pleasantly warm during Autumn months making it great for walks, hikes, bike rides and horse riding through the countryside lined with vineyards and olive groves.

There are 3 places we highly recommend visiting during the Autumn months in Tuscany for nature lovers are: Chianti, Foreste Casentinesi National Park and Val d’Orcia. 

The Foreste Casentinesi National Park is one of the largest forests in Europe. Almost 560 km of trail runs through the forest, with the leaves changing colour it is arguably the best place in Tuscany to see the arrival of Autumn. 

Chianti is well known for its wine trail and the landscape during the Autumnal months is something out of a postcard. Chianti region is lined with vineyards, the leaves turn gold during the Autumn months adding to the Autumn glow, the whole region has a fairy tail vibe with churches and castles dotted around, the air is filled with the scent of burning wood and chestnut roasting on fire. Explore the small charming streets on a bike for the best experience. 

Another route worth taking to see Autumn in Tuscany is Val d’Orcia. It is lined with cypress trees, vineyard, olive groves and golden fields of grain and sunflowers. Along with the nature you will also be greeted to medieval castles and charming farmhouses along the way. 


6Fewer People Means Perfect Time To Explore The Tuscan Towns

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tuscan town metato during autumn

Autumn means summer crowds have dispersed so if you would like to visit the charming Tuscan town without the throngs of people Autumn is the time. Fewer tourists mean a more authentic experience. Local food and wine festivals bring life to the charming Tuscan villages. Some Tuscan towns worth visiting:

Anghiari is a hilltop medieval town that was known for its artisans in woodwork, textiles, and ceramics. This charming town has managed to still preserve its past as streets are lined with antique sellers, pottery shops and furniture shops. 

San Gimignano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this small walled medieval hill town known for its architecture and towers that offer views of the city from the surrounding valley.

Siena is another charming medieval village, along with Volterra and Cortona. Explore the medieval nooks and crannies of Pienza. The list of town to explore in Tuscany is endless.