Caviar Daytona : Rolex Daytona Embedded into iPhone 


Caviar iPhone customization is a new take on the legendary Apple smartphone. Only the most skilled engineers and designers from all over the world with more than 10 years of experience work on these pieces, using only the rarest and most precious materials. Caviar has upgraded their top-of-the-line, ultra-luxury cover for the recently released iPhone 14 Pro.

Merging the worlds of analogue and digital, the Caviar Daytona is a one of a kind iPhone case. This limited edition adds impressive iPhone 14 Pro with a Rolex watch embedded into the body. Golden Rolex Daytona is a work of art in itself. And now it gets combined with the latest Apple smartphone.

Caviar Daytona

Inspired by the Blue Bird supercar of Malcolm Campbell, the man who inspired and helped design the first Rolex Daytona watches. The phone body is made in the style of racing cars of the 1930s, such as Campbell’s Blue Bird, which set a world speed record on the Daytona track. The dashboard switches are made of 18 K gold. Decorative speedometers and switches made of gold create the image of the dashboard of the supercar, which marked the beginning of the great Rolex Daytona watch collection. The multi-level body of the case is made of titanium coated with black PVD coating used by Rolex to create black dials, cases, and bracelets.

Priced at roughly $134,420 for 512GB



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