Elevate Your Saturdays With COYA Mayfair’s New CLÁSICO Brunch

Revel in Peruvian gastronomy at COYA Mayfair, set across from Green Park, Saturdays ascend to new heights at COYA Mayfair with the CLÁSICO brunch experience, coupled with live entertainment in the vibrant Pisco bar. Renowned for their innovative dining and entertainment, COYA draws inspiration from both Incan heritage and Latin American culture, evident not only in their diverse menu but also reflected in their distinctive decor.

Available on Saturdays from 12pm, as soon as you step inside the background house music, mixed with disco, funk and soulful grooves set the scene, perfectly complementing the CLÁSICO brunch menu. The innovative menu is curated to preserve the essence of Peruvian cuisine, and presents a fusion of global signature dishes alongside unique creations inspired by the city and country of each COYA.

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The CLÁSICO brunch presents a three-course menu supplemented by ‘Para Picar,’ which offers a tempting array of snacks to enjoy before delving into the starters and main courses. All accompanied by a choice of half a bottle of NV Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label or half a bottle of 2013 Dom Pérignon.

Start your CLÁSICO brunch journey with the “Para Picar” selection, featuring vibrant dishes made from fresh, light, and colourful ingredients, such as Guacamole con Crocantes, Salsa de Rocoto and Mezclar Nueces, all accompanied by Quinoa flat bread topped with toasted seeds and spiced chickpeas purée. Followed by enticing starters like the signature Kingfish and prawns Ceviche, Empanadas de Pescado, Sanguche (mini flavourful Peruvian sandwich), Anticuchos de Pollo and more.

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For the main course, options range from Enconcado de Bacalao which is a delicate cod with onion, tomato, ají panca, coconut curry leaves and mustard, to Lomo de Res, beef in ají panca, star anise topped with crispy shallot, chillies, to vegan offering of Saltado de Verduras which feature king oyster, mushrooms with mix peppers Peruvian potatoes, and jalapeños. All paired with a section of sides such as Yuca Frita (fried casava chips), Arroz Chaufa (Szechwan fried rice) and Ensalada de Col, a cabbage, carrot, red onion, coriander and ají verde vinegrette salad.

Make sure there’s still room for the sweet finish, with the grand Bandeja de Postres dessert platter, featuring COYA’s iconic Churros de Naranja and an assortment of sweet delights elegantly presented on a platter adorned with popcorn as a base.

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Transition seamlessly into the evening after the dessert at the Pisco bar, where the CLÁSICO party unfolds. The Pisco Bar draws inspiration from Lima’s oldest bars, with mixologists ready to craft an array of COYA signatures, Peruvian classics, and bespoke cocktails. With live performances by talented singers, trumpeters, and COYA’s Resident DJ, brunch at COYA Mayfair is certainly the weekend hotspot in London.

Available on Saturdays from 12pm-4pm


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