Dictador M-city Golden Cities Rum

This distiller will fly you to Colombia to mix your own bottle of rum.

Dictador is a Colombian aged rum with a history stretching back to 1913. Dictador has been in production at the Destilería Colombiana in Cartagena, Colombia for over 100 years. The tropical climate of the region yield ultra-high grade sugar cane, the magical balance of weather and land enables Dictador to produce an exceptional range of quality rums and gins.

Celebrating the quintessential Colombian spirit, Dictador has just announced the release of the new M-City Golden Cities series. Dictador has chosen to invite a select few to create their own with its M-City Golden Cities line. This experience provides a rare opportunity to visit Dictador’s art-masters distillery in Cartagena in Colombia and create your own personalized one-of-a-kind blend of extremely aged rum in collaboration with the master distillers, meaning no two bottles of rum will ever be exactly the same.

According to Dictador, to be considered for an invitation to the Dictador M-city Golden Cities Rum series you will need to be one of “the elite connoisseurs of fine art, masters of style and culture, and belonging to the few tastemakers of extraordinary vision and inspiration.”

The one litre bottle is rum will be stored in presented in is created out of 24-carat gold by artist M-City and depicting a map of the city that is closest to creator’s heart. Each city will only be portrayed once, underlining the once-in-a-lifetime character of each blend.  Each bottle is expected to have a value of millions of dollars. Once the edition reaches a billion dollars, it will be closed forever.


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