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Peru offers one of the most unique experiences in the world. Located in the Sacred Valley of Cusco is the hanging capsule hotel exclusive from Sky Lodge Adventure Suites.

These luxury capsules are located 1200 feet high up, it is perfect for all you adventure lovers and daredevils. Sky Lodge Adventure Suites popularly known as the hanging capsule hotel offers a unique opportunity to sleep in a completely transparent bedroom which is hanging off the Peruvian Valley.

hanging hotel peru sky lodge in peru valley

hanging hotel in peru unique experience in peru luxsphere travel


There are three exclusive capsule suites which hang vertically from the top of the mountain with a 300-degree view. These capsules are handcrafted out of aerospace aluminium and weather resistant polycarbonate with a total capacity of 8 people. 

Each suite has four beds, a dining area and a private bathroom. The capsules offer 6 large windows with a very impressive panoramic view of the valley and beyond. During the night thousands of twinkling stars appear above making the experience even more magical. If you require privacy, worry not, these capsules also come with curtains. An amazing thing about this capsule is that the views are not just limited to the bedroom, you are treated to the most mesmerising view even in the ecological toilet inside. 

hanging capsules in peru sky lodges luxsphere travel

hanging hotel at night in peru luxsphere travel


Your experience starts in the town of Pachar. Sky Lodge Adventure Suites also offer a pick up in the city of Cusco to Pachar. 

Regardless of the climb to reach the hanging capsules this experience is accessible to everyone ( you don’t need to be climbing expert to experience this ). There are two ways to reach the top where the hanging capsules are located. One is using the Zipline where you fly over the magical and magnificent valley, or you can opt for a climb called ‘ via Ferrata’ which is a path that is permanently installed, perfect for anyone with limited or no climbing experience. They also offer options to combine both. 

All the climb are done in a safe manner without compromising the fun!

hanging capsules peru sky adventure lodges

hanging hotel sky lodge suites in peru luxsphere travel


If you are looking to experience this one of a kind capsule but do not want to stay the night, Sky Lodge also offer Lunch at Sky Lodge in their dining capsule.

It is perfect for adventure loving foodies, the lunch at sky lodge offers a real Peruvian gastronomic experience combined with the thrill of arriving at the dining capsule.

lunch at the hanging hotel peru unique experience in peru luxsphere travel




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