Kanu Private Island  

Located just off the coast of Placencia in Belize is a unique and breathtakingly beautiful coral island – Kanu Private Island. A new private island that is available to rent, combines an idyllic off the grid island setting whilst being eco friendly along with all with the comforts you would expect from a luxury hotel.  Set just a 15-minute boat ride off the coast of Placencia, this magnificent coral island is spread over a sprawling 2.5-acres, features 5 villas that can sleep up to 20 guests. Surrounded by the majestic Caribbean Sea on all sides and silver-white sands, this private sanctuary is incomparable in its beauty.

The villa contains a ‘breezily chic’ master bedroom suite custom furnished with bamboo ceilings, oversized bathrooms, outdoor showers and soaking tubs. In the middle lies a thatched-palm entertainment area that houses the living room. A central palapa flanked by a swimming pool and sun loungers houses the kitchen which comes with its own private chef and the pool also comes with a swim up bar.

The coral stone and reclaimed wood add to the soothing palette around the property and complement the shades of the sun and sea perfectly. While this magnificent coral island already has everything you would need to relax, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy from fishing to water sports.  

The dazzling azure water of the Caribbean Sea is visible at every turn and the underwater visibility is simply impressive. Thanks to fish-filled coral heads the area is great for snorkelling. There are also many dive sites around, and if you are here in the months of March to June, you can catch sight of the fantastic and elusive Whale Shark. The region’s famous aquatic ecosystem, Belize Barrier Reef is just a 20-minute boat ride away. 

What makes Kanu Private island unique is that this idyllic island is dedicated to being eco friendly. The island is powered by solar energy and added rainwater catchment systems on the roofs of the villa during the wet season and 2 desalination machines that produce freshwater in the dry season. It doesn’t just stop there, Chris Krolow, the CEO of Private Islands, alongside his development partner David Keener have built another Private Island nearby – Gladden Private Island which sleeps two to four guests.

They wanted to do things differently at Kanu Private Island. “The main thing we wanted to do differently from Gladden was make the air-conditioned rooms more energy efficient, so the AC units could cool down faster and work less hard”. This was achieved by using highly efficient air-conditioning units and insulating the enclosed spaces keep the rooms cool. “Another thing we did on Kanu that we have not done on previous islands was build a completely separate collection system just for shower graywater.”



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All photos: © Courtesy of Kanu Private Island