We are all about adding things to do to our bucket list here at Luxsphere. Lounging by the pool or taking a dip isn’t exactly bucket list worthy, but when the hotels have spectacular pools like these, just hard to resist. There is everything from a gold pool to a red pool to a floating pool. Here are some of the hotels with the most unique pools. 


aqua dome coolest pool in the world

Where: Längenfeld, Austria

aqua hotels with amazing pools

Aqua Dome in Längenfeld Austria is set against the dramatic shadows of the Ötztal Alps. Saying this outdoor thermal pool is huge is an understatement. Every day almost 80,000 litres of thermally heated spring water flows into the eight pools of Aqua Dome. Just have a look at the pictures below if you don’t believe us.

At the heart is a crystal-shaped dome, which is the home to two large thermal baths containing sulphur mineral water – great for a healthy dip! Around the dome are three outdoor pools which look like they are floating in the air. Taking a dip in this impressive pool and being amongst the mountains is a surreal experience in itself, but the magic happens at night when the glass dome and the surrounding pools light up. There’s also underwater music and whirlpools. To make the most of these unique pools, Aqua Dome offers moonlit bathing sessions every Friday.



floating pool lake como unique pool

Where: Tremezzo, Lake Como

Securing the most beautiful location on the shores of Lake Como is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo  has one of the dreamiest pools! This pool is pure heaven on earth as it floats on the sparkling waters of Lake Como overlooking Bellagio. Sit back and relax in the pool as you take in the view of the mountains while the sun glistens on the lake but keep an eye out you may end up bumping into some locals like George Clooney.


Where: South Tyrol, Italy

Home to the largest rooftop terrace in Olang, South Tyrol, hotel Hubertus is instantly recognizable thanks to its unique infinity sky pool overlooking the breathtaking Dolomites and the Vedrette di Ries Mountains. This 25-foot long pool is an architectural masterpiece and has a glass window in the floor that allows for new perspectives of South Tyrol. The pool is also heated year-round, and its seamless design makes it feel like you are drifting into the mountain peaks. Read more about Hotel Hubertus here.

hanging gardens bali spectacular pool

Where: Bali, Indonesia

Hanging Gardens Bali most amazing pool

Set right in the heart of the Balinese jungle is the Hanging Gardens Hotel in Ubud, Bali. True to its name, the pool at the Hanging Gardens Bali allows you to immerse in nature. It is designed in such a way that it suspends over the dense rainforest, making you feel like you are floating over the treetops. No wonder it is one of the most photographed pools in the world.



intercontinental hong kong pool coolest

Where: Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has one of the most impressive skylines in the world. The best way to enjoy this view is from the epic infinity pool at Intercontinental Hong Kong. There are 3 different infinity pool all maintained at different temperatures. Being in this infinity pool will make you feel like you are floating on the Victoria Harbour. If you are looking to enjoy the Symphony of Lights show in Hong Kong there is no better way to do so than from the infinity pool at Intercontinental.


6The Library  

red pool koh samui the librar thailand

Where: Koh Samui, Thailand

The Library Hotel in Koh Samui Thailand offers one of the most unique pools in the world. Going beyond your expectations of a pool they are offering a pool that is red in colour. Don’t worry this blood-red colour is only due to the red tiles. It is set right on the pristine beach of Koh Samui, the contract between the azure surroundings and the bright red pool is really something to see.


best pool in the world villa honegg

Where: Switzerland

The pool at Hotel Villa Honegg has been dubbed as the ‘Stairways to Heaven Pool’ and it really is just that. This L shaped pool gets its name due to the panoramic views of surrounding mountains and Lake Lucerne below. The view isn’t the only great thing, the pool itself is heated to a perfect temperature throughout the year and also has a large circular whirlpool which can be turned on by the touch of a button.

Not only is this pool spectacular in the daytime with the backdrop of mountains and lake. It is equally awe-inspiring at night under the moonlight and the underwater lighting.



pool over maldives lagoon most spectacular pool in the world

Where: Maldives

Any spa that offers overwater treatments is hands-down the best. Taking the spa experience to another level is Velassaru with their hydro pool. This one of a kind freshwater pool not only offers views of the turquoise lagoon but it is actually nestled right into it. You can say it is a pool in the ocean.