Hotel Punta Grande : World’s Smallest Hotel 


Sitting on a tongue of lava rock surrounded by the Ocean is El Hierro’s Hotel Punta Grande. Sitting on the coast of the Canary Islands, on the unspoilt island of El Hierro and quite literally between a rock, Hotel Punta Grande offers a unique hotel experience like no where in the world. In fact, in 1984 the hotel entered the World’s Guinness Records as the World’s smallest hotel at just 600 square meter. 

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Known on the island as the “Hotelito” (little hotel), not only for its extraordinarily unique location but also for the long history it holds. Hotel Punta Grande offers a secluded yet a very exposed location. Puntagrande is not only a hotel but also a site of cultural interest, the building itself is a destination to visit, due to its peculiar characteristics and the unique ambiance.

Stay at the Hotel Punta Grande allows you to immerse completely into natural, not only in the landscape around the hotel, but also inside your room. This smallest hotel in the world features 4 unique rooms and 1 suite, all built in lava stone and facing the ocean. One of the rooms even has its own balcony with water just a meters under your feet.

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The rooms are very minimal and furnished with a natural theme in mind, with local stones and woods ( some of the wood has come from shipwrecks that washed ashore ), and with traditional seafaring objects, such as the bedside tables made from the original porthole glass.

Far from any civilisation you will feel the difference in the pure ocean air. Hotel Punta Grande truly allows you to disconnect from the day to day life. What make this unique hotel even more unique is that, there is no TV. You are encouraged to embrace nature, listen to the Atlantic waves and leave all your stress behind.

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For slightly bigger groups ( accommodating up to 4 people) there are 2 Edelmira Apartments just steps away from the hotel, on the front of the pier of Las Puntas. Featuring double room with twin beds or a double bed, a private bathroom with tub and shower, a cozy living area with a table and a kitchen which also has two sofa beds.

Today this hidden paradise is quickly becoming the place to be on the island thanks to its popular restaurant. The indoor dining at the Puntagrande restaurant has a naval setting with traditional objects from old fishing boats. The menu is seasonal and offer a taste of local cuisine with fresh seafood.  Apart from the food what makes Puntagrande restaurant so popular on the island is the large terrace with a majestic sea view on the wild virgin coast of La Frontera. Head here for sunset, the view is simply jaw dropping.

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