Top 8 Most Expensive Gins In The World


1Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV

Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV most expensive gin

Distilled from the leaves of a single, ancient Mulberry tree. Morus LXIV is the world’s most expensive gins and also one of the rarest. A single batch of this exquisite cask-strength (64% ABV) gin takes more than two years of careful work to produce.

Hand-harvested and individually dried Mulberry (Morus Nigra) leaves take the lead in this very rare, finely crafted gin. Botanicals grown for generations, their soil nourished by the same age old, underground stream. Hand-made porcelain jars, embossed and polished to a diamond matt finish in distinctive crisp white are perfectly paired with an elegant porcelain stirrup cup – a fresh take on the traditional British drinking vessel.

Buy here: Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV £4000


2Watenshi Gin

Watenshi Gin most expensive gin

Part of Cambridge Distillery’s couture range is Watenshi Gin. Watenshi is the world’s most exclusive and one of the most expensive gin’s in the world. Watenshi, Japanese Angel, captures that which should not exist. It is the angel’s share, that tiny fraction of spirit that escapes during distillation. All other distilleries sacrifice this, but Cambridge Distillery found a way to preserve that elusive percentage from their famous Japanese gin. This refined technique utilises atmospheric pressure less than half that found at the summit of Mount Everest. The result is a yield of just 15ml every still run – that’s almost fifty distillations for a single bottle.

Crystal clear in appearance, Watenshi is a dry, medium-bodied gin that balances undeniable intensity with fresh softness. Watenshi is best enjoyed either neat, or over ice.

Buy here : Watenshi Gin £2500 


3Nolet’s Reserve Gin

Nolet’s Reserve Gin most expensive gin

Nolet’s Reserve gin is one of the finest gins in the world. Inspired to reate a gin like no other, Nolet’s Reserve is the personal creation of Carolus Nolet, Sr. 10th generation distillery owner. Nolet’s Reserve captures the essence of a variety of botanicals, including warm and spicy saffron, the world’s most expensive spice; and verbena, an herb known for its delicate citrus flavor and soothing nature.

The gin is Intended to be sipped in order to enjoy its unprecedented complexity and balance. To maintain the highest standards of quality, Carolus Sr. personally tastes and approves every batch before it is bottled. Each bottle is individually numbered by hand and presented in a prestigious box.

Buy here : Nolet’s Reserve Approx.£524



4Grand Cru Gin 

grand cru gin most expensive gin

Grand Cru Gin features a blend of 50% distilled Grand Cru Burgundy wine and 50% gin. Grand Cru is the highest level in the vineyard classification of Burgundy, and bottles of the wine can go for hundreds or even thousands of pounds. The gin portion features flavours that you would find in Grand Cru Burgundy wines, and has been double botanical’d to really help heighten the flavour profile. Its botanicals include fresh raspberry, strawberry, black truffle, rose and violet—complementing the wonderfully aromatic nature of the very special wines.

Buy here : Grand Cru Gin £495

5Anty Gin 

Anty Gin most expensive gin in the world

Collaboration between innovative Cambridge Distillery and visionary thinkers of the Nordic Food Lab is Anty Gin. As you would have guessed from the name, Anty Gin is the world to be made from insects and also one of the most expensive gins in the world. Each bottle of Anty Gin contains the essence of approximately 62 red wood ants, along with hand-foraged botanicals including juniper, wild wood avens and nettle that complement the sharp citrus notes created by distilling the ants.

Attention to detail has been paid to every element, every bottle of Anty Gin is labelled by hand on our Distillery’s 1924 typewriter. A 5cl dropper bottle of pure ant distillate is also provided for you to experience the unique flavour of the Formica rufa in isolation – or to intensify the citrus notes in an Anty Gin & Tonic.

Buy here : Anty Gin £199


6Ki Noh Bi 11th Edition Release

Ki Noh Bi most expensive gin in the world

KI NOH BI is a cask-aged version of our classic KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin. Filled into cask at a high strength, the gin is carefully monitored by our distilling team during the maturation process to ensure the optimum balance between botanical flavours and influence from the wood. The team reviews the final liquid, making minor adjustments using the 6 Elements to maintain the overall harmony.

KI NOH BI is bottled after dilution with Fushimi water. The 11th Edition has been aged in two separate casks (Sherry and mizunara) for well over six months before blending to create a gin with rich, fruity flavours (from the ex-Karuizawa Sherry butt) and aromatic wood spice (from the mizunara puncheon). The label continues the tradition of Number One Drinks Company bottling a series of single cask Japanese whiskies in collaboration with the Kamiasobi Noh Troupe.

Buy here: Ki Noh Bi £120.76



7Procera Gin Green Dot 

Procera Gin Green Dot 

Procera gin was founded with a dream to bring the very best of Africa to the world. Procera gin is distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, at 1638 metres above sea level. It’s the world’s first gin to use Juniperus Procera, which we harvest just 70 kilometres from our distillery. Procera captures the terroir of our continent in every sip. Using ten botanicals grown across the vast continent by the most passionate and dedicated farmers. From the plains of Morocco in the north-west to the Indian Ocean islands in the south-east, Africa’s sun and soils produce an unparalleled quality and range of natural produce.

Procera comes in an unforgettable hand-blown bottle, crafted by the incredible team at Kitengela Hot Glass, while the striking palm wood stopper is hand carved by more of Kenya’s finest artisans.

Buy here: Procera Gin £135



8Truffle Gin 

Truffle Gin most expensive gin


The world’s first digestif gin, Truffle Gin by Cambridge Distillery is one of the most expensive gins led by white truffle from Alba, Piedmont an ingredient which is worth more than gold per gram. Innovatively distilled to preserve the full flavour of the truffle, Truffle Gin achieves a flavour profile more usually associated with mature spirits, and is a complex and well-balanced spirit of unparalleled depth and complexity. The Cambridge Distillery are known for creating outstanding gins and achieve unique flavours with the freshest ingredients.

Buy here : Truffle Gin £84.99



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