Destinations To Watch The Arrival Of Spring

The arrival of spring has a way of making you feel alive and excited. Winter finally comes to an end the sun starts to shine, you can put those winter clothes away and start planning your spring getaway.

“Spring is a reminder of how beautiful change can truly be”


Cherry Blossom in Bonn

Where: Germany

Germany may not be the first country you would associate with cherry blossom.  Bonn in Germany has a magical tunnel of cherry blossoms known as the Cherry Blossom Avenue this street is worthy of a stroll in the spring season. Lined with vivid cherry blossoms and cobblestone street you will be taking photos every step of the way. 

cherry blossom avenue bonn Germany spring destinations


Nemophila in Hitachi Seaside Park 

Where: Japan

From late April until Mid May almost 4.5 million light blue Nemophilas cover the Miharashi Hills in the Hitachi seaside park, Japan. It is located by the Pacific Ocean and the views on offer from the Miharashi Hills during the spring season will leave you mesmerized. 

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park Japan


Lupins at Lake Tekapo 

Where: New Zealand

Lake Tekapo is one of the most stunning places in the Southern Hemisphere with crystal clear waters of the Lake with the backdrop of the majestic Southern Alps. During New Zealand’s springtime which is between September and November, violet lupins bloom along the coast making this already picturesque lake even more beautiful. 

lupins at lake tekapo new zealand best spring destination


Tulip festival in Holland 

Where: Netherlands 

 From mid-April, until early May Holland is covered in flowers, tulips in particular. There are parts where more than 7 million tulips bloom in the spring season. Keukenhof in Lisse gets transformed into a colourful town, it is one of the best places to discover many different types of tulips.  Rent a bicycle and ride along the rural fields of the town to watch the flowers in all their glory. 

keukenhof Lisse NetherlandsKeukenhof tulip festival Amsterdam

Lavender fields, Provence 

Where: France

Lavender field in full bloom is a sight to see, the landscape itself, the smell of lavender in the air AND sunshine make the field in the Province of France a must see. The lavender season lasts from last week of June until early August with early July being the peak. One place that is worth visiting in the province is the Sénanque Abbey where the monks grow their own lavender. The church surrounded by blooming lavender field is a must visit. 

Lavender field FranceAbbaye de Sénanque lavender field france province


Pink Moss Fields and Cherry Blossom Around Mount Fuji

Where: Japan 

The peak time for the cherry blossom around Mount Fuji is around April. Chureito Pagoda which is a pagoda based in the hills of Fujiyoshida city offers one of the best views of the cherry blossom season with the Mount Fuji right across surrounded by a sea of cherry blossoms.

Along with the cherry blossoms, the foot of Mount Fuji is covered with around 800,000 Shibazakura flowers, the brightly coloured carpet of flowers with the background of Mount Fuji is something you have to see for yourself to believe it. 

Hitsujiyama Park pink moss spring destinationMount Fuji Cherry blossom


Bluebells in Hallerbos Forest 

Where: Belgium

The Hallerbos forest turns into a magical wonder, every spring the floor of the forest is filled with millions of bluebells. They bloom around mid-April, the giant Sequoia trees along with the bluebells make the whole forest enchanting. 

Forest Flowers Wild Hyacinth Hallerbos Bluebell


California Golden Poppies

Where: California

Between February and May, the western part of Antelope Valley is covered with California poppies. The hill which is usually desert like transforms into a beautiful carpet of flowers and possibly the most beautiful California poppy meadow. 

California Golden Poppies California


Rapeseed fields in Luoping

Where: China 

Based in the eastern Yunnan region of China Luoping is a small county which is home one of the largest rapeseed flower plantations. The yellow rapeseed flowers bloom between March to late May and during this spring season, the whole field looks like a ‘golden sea’ it is a definitely a spring bucket list destination. 

Rapeseed fields in LuopingRapeseed fields in Luoping, China  spring destination


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