Taku : New Intimate Omakase Launches In Mayfair

Taku, a Japanese omakase has opened its doors in the heart of Mayfair. This new addition, located on Albemarle Street will be headed by Chef Takuya (Taku) Watanabe, formerly of Jin, the first sushi omakase in Paris to receive a Michelin star, and founded by renowned London restaurateurs the Leong Family, with brothers Geoff and Lucas co-founding the restaurant alongside their father.

Taku has held the 1* at Jin Paris for a consecutive 10 years and now has come to London to establish his new, edomae omakase in the heart of Mayfair. As executive chef at Taku Mayfair, you can now experience his amazing culinary skills. Taku is an experience-led restaurant where you can expect full interaction with the chefs whilst they showcase the theatre of the kitchen. Elements of wood and natural stone complimented by a waterfall of light makes this one of the most intimate and delicious experiences.

taku mayfairtaku

This intimate 16 cover restaurant will highlight the best ingredients that the British Isles has to offer in a traditional yet modern omakase setting. The literal meaning of omakase means ‘I’ll leave it up to the chef’. A daily-changing tasting menu will be prepared only using the freshest and locally-sourced ingredients to take you on a memorable dining experience. The menu will be based on seasonal produce, selecting the finest ingredients and daily catches.

There will be three menus, lunch menu at £180 with 17 courses, the Signature menu featuring 20 dishes priced at £280 and the Prestige priced at £380 which will include ingredients such as caviar, truffle and additional courses.

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Everything at Taku Mayfair is unique, Chef Taku’s sushi is unique and distinctive, having a set menu allows Chef Taku the time to prepare the dishes in edomae style. Considered to be the most traditional form of sushi making, the method involves curing the fish and dates back centuries to when sushi in Japan’s capital city of Edo – now called Tokyo – was sold by street vendors as a snack and stored in vinegar to keep it from spoiling. The drinks list will feature an array of fine and rare wines and champagnes and specialty sakes selected by the sommelier, Bowie Tsang, to perfectly compliment each course

Chef Taku says “Bringing an omakase restaurant to London has been a dream of mine for some time now due to Britain’s access to the high quality local fish and crustaceans available on UK shores – an integral element for sushi making. I am delighted to be sharing my dishes with the people of Mayfair in such an intimate dining experience. ”

Taku Co- Founder, Geoff Leong was born in Hong Kong, Geoff’s venture into restauranteering was heavily influenced by the burgeoning fine dining scene the city had to offer. Arriving in London, Geoff thought there was a missing culinary experience throughout the UK that he was so fond of, and decided to create his own with his learnings from childhood home.


  Reservations: takumayfair.com