Top 10 Places to Visit in Greece


Greece is known for being the land of beauty and is famous for its rich history, delectable food, and dreamy islands. From snow-capped mountains and ancient ruins to white sandy beaches and turquoise waters- there is something for every traveller in Greece.

We have selected for you some of the most gorgeous places to visit in Greece. These destinations are full of scenic views and vibrant culture that will provide an unforgettable experience.



meteora places to visit in greece

Considered one of the best places on the Greece mainland, Meteora is located in the northern region of the country and is the ideal spot to visit if you are looking for something unique. Meteora is a vast complex of monasteries that are perched hundreds of metres high in the Pindus Mountains. This historic complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and during its peak, there were 20 monasteries on-site, now there are just 6. To access Meteora, you can fly into the Ioannina National Airport, which is about 120km away, or you can take a direct train from Athens to Kalambaka. Once on the property, you can reach the Monasteries by climbing steps that have been carved into the rock, and by a bridge that connects to a nearby plateau.



places to visit in greece santorini

As Greece’s most well-known and picturesque island, Santorini is frequently visited by travellers from all over the world and is a popular honeymoon destination. It is the perfect place for those seeking a romantic and sunny getaway that combines relaxation, well-being, gastronomy and heritage. Santorini is recognizable thanks to its white houses with blue cupolas, emeralds pools, volcanic beaches, and breathtaking sunsets. There is much to do on the island, such as taking a dip in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, or wandering around the beautiful villages that are home to many fine restaurants. Oia is the most famous village in Santorini and sits upon an impressive cliff.

The village is known for its amazing sunsets and stunning views. If you’re looking for accommodations in Oia, consider staying at the luxurious cliff-side Katikies Hotel, which hosts some of the best views on Santorini. While on the island, you can’t miss going for a hike up the volcano or taking a stroll around Fira. If you are looking for the typical white-washed Greek Island aesthetic, you will love Santorini!

Luxsphere recommends: For the best views we recommend Lauda Restaurant in Oia for fine dining and Katikies Hotel for your stay. 



3Kefalonia (Cephalonia)

Kefalonia (Cephalonia) places to visit in greece

The exotic island of Kefalonia is the largest and one of the most gorgeous Greek Islands of the Ionian group. It features alluring natural landscapes, sandy beaches, and quaint fishing villages. One of the main reasons people keep returning to Kefalonia is because of its dazzling beaches! Kefalonia is the ideal place for nature lovers and it even has magical underground caves, with Drogarati Cave being the most popular. Melissani Lake is another unique and natural attraction worth visiting in Greece. It was created after an underground cavern collapsed and left behind a large circular opening on the surface, making for a great swimming spot.



Nafplio places to visit in greece

Nafplio is a little seaside metropolis that is a playground for the Athens elite, and a favourite destination amongst Greece’s rich and famous. It is only two hours away from Athens, Nafplio is the perfect places to visit in Greece if you are looking for a getaway from Athens. Nafplio has plenty to offer from citadels and fortresses that line the hillsides, giving this historical town an enticing charm. Nafplio is a walker’s paradise and is full of narrow and winding roads that lead to hidden squares and exquisite neoclassical mansion. There are also many beaches to stumble across and when it comes to dining, Nafplio is home to the finest seafood, which you can enjoy while million-dollar yachts float in the harbour nearby. This is the ideal town for couples to visit as there are many romantic things to do.




mykonos island places to visit in greece

 If you’re looking to party and have a good time, Mykonos of the Cycladic Islands is the place to be! It is Greece’s version of Ibiza and will appeal to a wide range of travellers. It is a great place for those who love diving, hiking, cultural heritage, gastronomy and sunsets- all within a quaint and majestically Greek setting. The island also is home to the windmills of Kato Mili in Chora, which are the symbol of Mykonos. Another symbolic place in Mykonos is the terrace of the “Little Venice”, the old centre of the island where you can enjoy a glass of the traditional Greek alcohol, Ouzo. While visiting the island, you will never run out of beaches to explore as there are 25 that range from small and secluded to wide stretches of white sand.


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Zakynthos places to visit in greece

The lovely island of Zakynthos boasts crystal clear waters and huge chalk-white cliffs that will excite all guests. The centre of the island is less visited than the coastline but has stunning fir trees and olive groves that are worth seeing. It is known for being a big party spot but there also many other activities to experience on the island. Navagio Beach, also known as Pirate Bay or Shipwreck Bay, is a popular area and one of the most beautiful secret beaches in Greece. The beach can only be accessed by boat as it is surrounded by cliffs. Boat trips to Navagio beach can easily be arranged in most nearby hotels. It is advised that travellers visit Navagio Beach in the morning as it tends to get busy as the day goes on.



athens places to see in greece

As the capital of Greece, Athens is a must-see destination in Greece and easily one of the most famous cities from the ancient Greek empire. It is the birthplace of democracy and home to the Antikythera Mechanism, which is a 2,000-year-old computer that was the world’s first calculator. When in Athens, you can’t miss seeing the famous ancient ruins like the Acropolis and Parthenon, which are iconic in Greece. The city also has wonderful dining options, vibrant nightlife, and a creative environment- thanks to its booming art scene. There are also several temples in the Anafioktika neighbourhood of Athens, that have an aesthetic that resembles the Greek Islands. The cute and petite suburb of Plaka, just below the Acropolis, is the perfect place to explore as there are many taverns and coffee shops.



andros places to visit in greece

Andros is a popular Greek Island destination and for good reason, it is located only a quick two-hour ferry ride from Athens and offers a glimpse of authentic Greek life. The island is full of lush vegetation, dramatic mountains, and untouched beaches that provided unspoiled charm. Among the many attractions to discover include Vitali Beach, Foros Cave, and the Monastery of Panachrantos- which dates back to 960 AD. As one of the Cyclade Islands, Andros has mesmerizing ocean views and delicious seafood. It is also recommended to wander the alleys and small streets of Andros Town, where you’ll find the best places in Greece for coffee.




rhodes destinations in greece

The island of Rhodes is a picture-perfect destination that combines history and relaxation. It has tiny fishing villages to explore along with ancient monuments, which will be especially exciting for those who have an interest in old stone buildings like fortresses and castles. For example, consider taking a visit to the Acropolis of Lindos or the Palace of the Grand Master. If you’re looking for traditional and tasty Greek cuisine, then you will be delighted by the many Taverns in Rhode, that will satisfy all of your food cravings.




Halkidiki destinations in greece

Halkidiki is Greece’s best-kept secret and is home to the nicest stretches of beaches in the country’s northern region. It offers a mix of modern luxury and archaic tradition and is split into three peninsulas that splay out into the Aegean Sea. The Kassandra peninsula is famous for its tourist resorts and luxurious beaches, while the Sithonia peninsula also has beaches, yet they are more secluded and overall the area is less touristy. Sithonia also boasts hidden coves, mountainous villages and verdant valleys. The mysterious Athos peninsula houses some of the most monastic communities in Greece and is known for its very traditional ways of life. Halkidiki is one of best the places to visit in Greece during the warmer months for beaches. 


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