First Look At Vermelho Christian Louboutin’s Hotel In Portugal

Venturing outside the world of luxury footwear and into the hospitality scene, the world renowned French-Egyptian designer, Christian Louboutin, is opening his first lavish hotel, called Vermelho in Melides, Portugal. Here is a first look inside Christian Louboutin’s hotel, Vermelho.

The name Vermelho, which means “red” in Portuguese, was inspired by the signature hue that adorns the soles of most Louboutin shoes. Louboutin discovered Vermelho in the sleepy town of Melides entirely by chance in the late 1980s while exploring the region. He later purchased a home there and even moved his atelier to the village, before eventually relocating to a larger compound nearby. The idea initially was to open a restaurant in Melides but on the advice of the town’s Mayor, Louboutin pursued to build a hotel.

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Nestled on the Alentejo coast, the village of Melides is renowned for its tranquillity, gentle pace of life. As you explore the town, inspiration is found in every nook, every corner, from its vineyards to its rice fields, views of the Atlantic Ocean and ever-growing forests.

Designed by Madalena Caiado, Vermelho combines elements of Northern African and European design. With inlaid wood floors, unique mosaics, frescoes, collected art, and antique furniture, all bursting with stories waiting to be told. Live the La Vie En Rouge, as you step through Vermelho’s historical wooden doors, and embark on an intimate experience.

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The luxury boutique hotel is spread over a three-storey hotel and is home to 13 uniquely designed rooms, where no two rooms are the same. Each different in tonalities, textures, and style, but all sharing the intimate, warm, and vibrant nature that characterises Vermelho. The rooms feature a bed fit for royalty, a bath reminiscent of the moorish era, an authentic work of art, a fresco to lay back and contemplate, or a garden to relax under the rays of Melides’ sun.

Portuguese treasures that have been passed down through the generations may be found at the on-site Xtian Restaurant. A restaurant where the protagonists, Alentejo’s seasonal products, walk you through every step of the experience, alongside the local artisanal tableware and an ever-changing atmosphere that intensifies from sunrise to sunset.

By 2024, Louboutin intends to add two more properties nearby.


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