World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022

The 2022 World’s 50 Best Restaurant list has been revealed!  Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, the award ceremony takes place every year to celebrate the diversity of the world’s culinary landscape.

Thanks to its panel of culinary experts, as well as its structured and audited voting procedure, the annual list of the world’s finest restaurants provides a snapshot of some of the best destinations for unique culinary experiences, in addition to being a barometer for global gastronomic trends.

Here are the world’s 50 best restaurants:


Which is the best restaurant in the world?



Geranium worlds 50 best restaurants

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Topping the list is Geranium restaurant in Denmark. Situated on the 8th floor in Fælledparken (Common Gardens) in the centre of Copenhagen. This three Michelin starred restaurant features locally-inspired, seasonally-changing ‘Universe’ tasting menu takes place over a minimum of three hours with around 20 courses (yes, that’s right 20 course) split evenly between appetizers, savoury dishes and sweets.

Co owner, Rasmus Kofoed recently made Geranium a meat-free zone, focusing solely on local seafood and vegetables from organic and biodynamic farms in Denmark and Scandinavia.





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Where: Lima, Peru 

In honour of its origins, Central in Lima showcases the finest of Peruvian culture. Chef Virgilio Martinez (who also owns Lima in London) focuses on locally-sourced produce, and the dishes celebrate the unique landscapes, history and traditions of their homeland. The tasting menu features the finest food that land and sea have to offer: scallops, squid and clams come fresh from the coast and the Amazon, while the Sacred Valley offers up pork belly and goat’s neck.

Sustainability is at the core of everything they do at Central, Recycling, composting and closing the loop on waste ingredients all come second nature. Guests are given an insight into this diverse culinary by taking them through a vegetable garden with over 100 plant species.





Where: Barcelona, Spain

Disfrutar which translates to enjoy is one of the most boundary-pushing gastronomic experiences in the world. Located in the Eixample district in Barcelona, Disfrutar is the brainchild of Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch all of whom met whilst working at the legendary el Bulli restaurant. The Gastronomical offering revolves around the tasting menu, with clearly avant-garde cuisine, they’re all about the element of surprise, so you won’t see a menu before you arrive.





Where: Madrid, Spain 

Diverxo is the brainchild of Dabiz Muñoz, known for his daring approach to dishes and widely considered one of the world’s most creative cooks. He opened Diverxo in 2007 and soon became the second-youngest person in the world to earn three-star Michelin status.

With twists and surprises at every turn, having a meal at Diverxo is like stepping inside Muñoz’s limitless imagination. The 12-course tasting menu takes diners through innovative, Asian-inspired dishes dishes such as Cantonese sea noodles with eel stew, hare katsusando with toasted butter brioche, or ‘Galician lobster waking up on the beaches of Goa.

The interior is as unique as the cuisine from a space where different motionless creatures such as flying pigs, silver ants and colourful butterflies accompany diners from the moment they arrive until they leave.





Where: Mexico City 

Chef Enrique Olvera founded Pujol to showcase everything about Mexican gastronomy. Located in a leafy, suburban neighbourhood of Mexico City, the restaurant is gorgeously lit with natural light.

Offering a varied 7-course seasonal tasting menu that packs an incredible punch. Despite the seasonal change in menu, 2 dishes make a permanent appearance on the menu, their signature Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo, one of which is aged for 2,500 days, alongside a steamy dish of baby corn with chicatana ant mayonnaise.



6Asador Extebarri

Where: Atxondo, Spain

Located between Bilbao and San Sebastian, Asador Etxebarri has been housed in the same rustic stone building since the 1990s, boating views of mountains and grazing cattle from its terrace. It’s all about grilling at Asador Etxebarri, Basque chef Victor Arguinzoniz even designed the grills himself to get more control. Featuring 6 adjustable grills, the restaurant has its own 750-degree ovens in which Arguinzoniz and his team prepare fresh coals daily from carefully chosen woods, such as holm oak for fish and vine trunks for meat.



7A Casa do Porco

A Casa do Porco

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

Run by husband-and-wife team Jefferson and Janaina Rueda in the heart of downtown São Paulo, Casa do Porco translates to ‘House of the Pig’. The focus is on pork in all its forms, with a tasting menu and à la carte using every part of the pig. The quirkily decorated restaurant is suitable for all budgets, with their tasting menu starting around $40. In a series of bite-sized courses, it runs through A Casa do Porco classics like pork jowl sushi and pancetta crackling to newer creations like organic beetroot with pork sausage.



8Lido 84

World's 50 Best Restaurants

Where: Gardeone Riviera, Italy

Brothers Riccardo and Giancarlo Camanini decided to start their gastronomic adventure of Lido 84 in Gardone. Located on the beautiful Lake Garda in northern Italy, where the mountains meet the lake, the location provides the chefs with a rich range of ingredients including the raw mountain milk which is used to produce the Fior di latte ice cream, Bagòss cheese for the tortellini, and sardines for the risotto, eel, olive oil, lemons and Wisteria flowers for desserts.

One classic and one innovative and creative tasting menu are on offer. Adding cacio e pepe en vessie which is served at the table in theatrical style comes high recommended at Lido 84.





Where: Mexico City

Run by Alejandra Flores and Jorge Vallejo, Quintonil, focused on fresh, local ingredients and traditional Mexican flavours and techniques in unique modern preparations. In fact, many of the ingredients travel just 30 metres from urban garden to plate. The tasting menu might contain seasonal dishes such as spider crab in green mole with lime kaffir and blue corn tostadas, or cactus sorbet. There’s also an à la carte menu featuring dishes like braised oxtail in traditional black recado sauce, or charred avocado with escamoles (ant larvae)



10Le Calandre

Le Calandre worlds 50 best restaurants png

Where: Rubano, Italy

Le Calandre was originally opened in 1981 by Erminio and Rita Alajam, later in 1994 their sons Massimiliano and Raffaele took over, who, together, have elevated it to the high echelons of fine dining: Max is in the kitchen, Raf controls the front of house. In 2003, the restaurant was awarded three-star Michelin status, making Max the youngest chef in the world to have received this recognition. The two available tasting menus change and adapt with the passing of the seasons. Both tell the story of thoughtful philosophy and the constant research that takes place in the kitchen.



World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022: 11 – 50

11. Maido – Lima Peru

12. Uliassi – Senegallia, Italy


13. Steirereck – Vienna, Austria


14.  Don Julio – Buenos Aires, Argentina


15.  Reale – Italy


16.  Elkano – Getaria, Spain


17.  Nobelhart and Schmutzig – Berlin, Germany


18.  Alchemist – Copenhagen, Switzerland


19.  Piazza Duomo – Alba, Italy


20.  Den – Tokyo, Japan


21.  Mugaritz – San Sebastián, Spain


22.  Septime – Paris, France


23.  The Jane – Antwerp, Belgium


24.  The Chairman – Hong Kong, China


25.  Frantzen – Stockholm, Sweden


26.  Restaurant Tim Raue – Berlin, Germany


27.  Hof Van Cleve – Kruishoutem, Belgium


28.  Le Clarence – Paris, France


29.  St. Hubertus – San Cassiano, Italy


30.  Florilege – Tokyo, Japan
31.  Arpege – Paris, France 


32.  Mayta – Lima, Peru


33.  Atomix – New York, USA 


34.  Hisa Franko – Slovenia


35.  The Clove Club – London


36.  Odette – Singapore


37.  Fyn – Cape Town, South Africa (Best in Africa)


38.  Jordnaer – Copenhagen, Denmark


39.  Sorn – Bangkok, Thailand


40.  Schloss Schauenstein – Fürstenau, Switzerland


41.  La Cime – Tokyo, Japan


42.  Quique Dacosta – Denia, Spain


43.  Boragó – Santiago, Chile


44.  Le Bernardin – New York, USA


45.  Narisawa – Tokyo, Japan


46.  Belcanto – Lisbon, Portugal


47.  Oteque – Rio de Janiero, Brazil


48.  Leo, Bogotá – Colombia


49.  Ikoyi – London, UK 


50.  Singlethread – Healdsburg, California, USA




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