Zannier Sonop : Hotel In Untouched Namibian Desert


Set within 13,800 private acres of untouched Namibian desert wilderness, Zannier Sonop Hotel is constructed on top of granite boulders in authentic 1920’s British colonial style. As soon as you arrive you will immediately be transported back in time to old-world safari.  

The 10 spacious tented suites are inspired by the journey of 1920’s British explorers, the tents provide a genuine experience of a bygone era. The one and two bed feature carefully selected object and antique including binoculars and maps, travellers’ tales, telescopes, antique desks and handmade stationary to ensure that every moment turns into a unique experience.

From the reception room to the partially-walled bathroom and vintage bathtubs, and private terrace, everything focuses on the richness of the desert and awe- inspiring views. The boulders location of the tented suites allow for a vast panorama of the Namib Desert. 

Zannier Sonop HotelZannier Sonop Hotel 4Zannier Sonop Hotel

Zannier Sonop Hotel features a spectacular open-air infinity pool, spa, fitness centre and daily yoga that truly capture the restorative essence of the desert landscape. Namibia is a country like no other with very vast landscapes, a very low density of population, huge desertic areas and amazing wildlife. The untouched wilderness includes daily sightings of desert animals, from Oryx, Brown Hyenas, Rabbits, Bat-eared Foxes, Meerkats, Jackals and Leopards. 

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No trip to Namibia would be complete without immersing yourself into the adventure and activities. The guided excursions horse-riding from the hotel’s own stables, private dining atop of the sand dunes, electric fat-bike or walking trails, hot air balloon safari and private sunset safaris. The magic continues after dark with a nightly 5 course gala style dinner, open-air cinema and stargazing under the endless African skies.

Zannier Hotels Sonop also boast their own air strip for daily transfers to their sister properties, including Zannier Hotels Omaanda

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