Prosecco has become quite a popular choice of tipple for many. There is a good chance you have consumed it without even noticing, it can be easily be mistaken for Champagne and makes a frequent appearance in many cocktails.

Thanks to the crisp, light flavour with a dab of sweetness along with the affordable price tag the sales of Prosecco have exceeded the sales of Cava and Champagne combined in the UK. In fact, during 2016 it became so popular that supplier almost ran out of Prosecco – honestly, we are not joking! it is now referred to as the ‘Great Prosecco Shortage of 2016’. We are back on track now and there is plenty to go around.

This delicious sparkling wine is loved so much in London that there is now even an annual Prosecco festival 

Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Prosecco


1. Prosecco has fewer calories than wine 

Prosecco is known to be a low-calorie drink, it has fewer calories when compared with wine. One glass of Prosecco has around 80 – 90 calories while red wine has around 120 – 125 calories.

In fact, Prosecco even has fewer carbs than many fruit juices. A 5oz glass of Italian Prosecco contains around 1.5 grams of carbs while orange juice has around 16.25 grams of crabs. So its safe to say this sparkling wine is a good choice if you are watching your weight – in moderation of course!


2. Prosecco tastes best in a tulip glass 

Did you know, the shape of the glass affects the taste of the drink. Prosecco is best served in a tulip shaped glass, the reason behind this is that the wide bowl shape collects the floral aromas and the height preserves the bubbles.


3. There is no such thing as an aged Prosecco 

Unlike Champagne which is made from a blend of grapes, goes through a complex process and improves with age. Prosecco is produced from just one grape called Glera, it is bottled quickly and is meant to be enjoyed as young as possible while it is still fresh and fruity.

facts about prosecco

4. The best Prosecco is not found in the town of Prosecco 

You would think just like Champagne, Prosecco comes from a region called Prosecco in Italy and would expect to get the product here. You would be surprised to learn that to get the best quality of Prosecco you will need to travel to the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia which are located around 30 miles from Venice. 

There is, in fact, a small town called Prosecco located to the northeast of Italy but this was just the birthplace of the now famous sparkling wine. 


5. Prosecco is a trademarked wine and can only be produced in specific areas of Italy

Sparkling wine is pretty much produced everywhere in Italy but only the wine produced from grapes called Glera can be labelled as “Prosecco”. In fact, it is a trademarked wine and must be produced exclusively in certain regions of Northeastern Italy.

One way to detect your Prosecco is of the highest quality and comes from the Northeastern region of Italy is to look out for ‘DOCG’ and ‘DOC’ label on the bottle. To qualify for the ‘DOCG’ and ‘DOC’ label the producers must have passed a strict set of regulations.