Your spirits cupboard is about to get a little more exciting with world’s only gin, Amuerte which is uniquely crafted with Peruvian Coca leaves. Along with the gin offering a unique taste, the bottle is also one of the most exclusive and eye catching that any gin lover can add to their collection.

Distilled by a master in Belgium, the unique ingredients in Amuerte’s Caco gin are carefully harvested in high altitude rainforests. It all started after a married couple in Belgium spent a year travelling the globe with the mission of finding the perfect ingredients for their gin. Their journey took them deep into the rainforest of Colombia where during a ceremony with the Wiwa tribe, they were offered this ancient, widely-regarded medicinal leaf, this bitter yet strangely compelling leaf was what they were looking for – thus, came about Amuerte.

Amuerte Coca Gin flavours takes you on a journey to the jungles in South America. The taste ranges from bitter to sweet, with a complex aromatic foundation. 

Amuerte bottles are hand designed by two of the most renowned artists Havi Cruz and Adrian Dominguez, the hollow eyes of a creepy skull and the 24K gold leaf surrounding it really grabs your attention. Even after emptying the gin, the bottles are a perfect addition to your bar shelf.

Amuerte gin with coca

The treasure of antique empires
Long before the time of Paolo Escobar and of the Colombian drug dealers, the cocaine plant had a powerful mystical role for the people who cultivated it. In the antique Peruvian society, cocaine leaves were appreciated in the whole Inca Empire for their natural properties helpful to fight hunger and sicknesses.

History which is worthy of a unique Gin

A casual encounter was enough for it all to start: it all happened after witnessing how a local tribe chewed some cocaine leaves during a trip with rucksacks through the tropical forest. Thanks to this experience we discovered the mystical savour of the coca leaves. Our family, who is well skilled at transforming the taste of leaves into a unique gin, has a history dating back 112 years. We have namely arrived to the fourth generation and have become experts at distilling gin, with true passion. We have thus obtained an incredible, well balanced, vivacious cocaine flavour that is fine and bitter with brilliant notes of tamarillo, papaya, and South American drake

Amuerte coca leaf gin 2Amuerte coca leaf gin 1