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Magical, like a dream, breathtaking is simply what comes to mind when describing Cappadocia. There is a very good chance you have already come across photos of Cappadocia and in case you haven’t we are here to introduce you to this hidden gem of a travel destination. 

Every morning ( Yes, every morning ) thousands of hot air balloons take to the skies over the unique landscape of Cappadocia – it is honestly a sight worth witnessing at least once in your lifetime. We have spent our time trying and testing hotels in Cappadocia to bring you the hotels with the best view of the balloons in Cappadocia. 


Mithra Cave Hotel

Where: Goreme

CAPPADOCIA HOTELS WITH THE BEST VIEW OF THE BALLOONS Mithra cave hotelPhoto: @mithracavehotel

This enchanting hotel is situated high on the top of Aydinli Hill which offers guests an incredible view of the balloons each morning as they fly over the valley below. The hotel has classic cave rooms and suite caves and its facilities include restaurants offering traditional local dishes and a Hammam. You only need to step outside onto the hotel terrace to enjoy the wonderful sight of the colourful hot air balloons and the geological treasures of Cappadocia stretching as far as the eye can see…


Jacob’s Cave Suites

Where: Goreme

This exclusive boutique style hotel is situated on the edge of Çavuşin valley in the heart of Goreme National Park which is popular with balloonists. The hotel was originally an old house that has been carefully renovated and extended and is an enchanting blend of old and new. There are eight original cave rooms on the first floor and four stone-arched rooms on the second floor. The hotel is situated close to the take-off spot for the balloons so guests can relax whilst they marvel at this daily spectacle.


Osmanli Manor Hotel

Where: Goreme

This really comfortable ‘home from home’ is in a traditional Ottoman stone ‘konak’ and combines old-world elegance and charm with modern day luxury and comfort. The Osmanli Manor is also well known for its really friendly staff. It just could not be better situated as it is adjacent to the take-off area for the balloons in Rose Valley. The Osmanli Manor is less than ten minutes walk from town and is a tranquil oasis for those who simply want to relax and has plenty of walking routes for those keen to explore.

Sultan Cave Suites

Where: Goreme

Photo: @aliciafromero 

Situated on a terraced hillside above the valley, this hotel enjoys some of the breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys with Erciyes volcano as a magnificent backdrop. The hotel has been built on some ancient cave dwellings and the cave walls have been skilfully incorporated in the design of its luxury rooms. The hotel’s main terrace is definitely the

The place to be at sunrise as the first balloons silently take to the skies.



Doors of Cappadocia

Where: Goreme

Enjoy the mystical atmosphere of Cappadocia combined with the friendly family environment of this wonderful hotel. With 18 beautiful rock carving rooms, this hotel is the perfect place to relax and enjoy its marvellous setting as well as discovering the area on foot, bicycle or even horseback… What better than to start each morning at sunrise on the huge terrace, rooftop pool and to enjoy the view of the rainbow coloured hot air balloons and then later in the day, to return to the terrace as the sun sets for a glass of wine together?


Millstone Cave Suites Hotel

Where: Uçhisar

Millstone Cave Suites Hotel best view of the balloons hotel

Perched on a hilltop with a bird’s eye view of Goreme, Red Valley and Pigeon Valley, the Millstone Caves with its luxurious rustically styled rooms also offer its guests a panoramic view of the colourful hot air balloons. The rooms are comfortable and stylish with teak furnishings made in Indonesia and with most having views over the valley, they offer a ringside seat for watching the balloons – in some suites, it is possible to watch them without even leaving your bed!

Cappadocia Cave Suites

Where: Goreme

hotels with the best view in cappadocia Cappadocia Cave 

Located in Goreme, this cave hotel combines ancient cave rooms dating from the Hittite, Roman and Byzantine periods with 21st-century luxury. By night, the hotel looks so enchanting bathed in soft golden lights. If you feel like being pampered there are Turkish baths and massage treatments to enjoy and for a moment of sheer magic, why not get up as the dawn breaks and watch as the first hot air balloons ascend – giving their occupants a fantastic view of the area’s amazing geological formations.


The Museum Hotel

Where: Uçhisar

 The Museum Hotel with the best view cappadociaThe Museum Hotel with the best view cappadocia uchisar

This truly unique hotel is steeped in history and is described as a ‘living museum’. Each of its 30 beautiful rooms has a different character as they are decorated with priceless antiques and historical features which have been painstakingly restored. The hotel reception incorporates some of the ancient stone rooms made from the yellow stone of the Tekeli District.

The Museum Hotel was the first luxury hotel to be built in Cappadocia and is the only Relais & Châteaux hotel in Turkey. The hotel overlooks Goreme, Love, Pigeon and Red Valleys and Mt Erciya. For something rather special, the Selale Cave Suite and Kubbeli Suite both have bathtubs offering spectacular views of the hot air balloons.


Rox Cappadocia

Where: Uçhisar

Rox Cappadocia hotels with the best view in cappadocia

Since this attractive hotel opened in 2014, it has won several awards including the Best rooftop view hotel (Europe) in 2015. This was definitely well deserved as the hotel is situated right next to Uçhisar Castle and has panoramic views of Goreme, Guvercinlik Valley and Mt Erciyes from its terraces. As the hot air balloons float effortlessly past, guests are treated to marvellous views of this very special sight.

The hotel is an old renovated stone house with many original stone features. There are just six sizeable guest rooms and the owner Arda makes sure that every guest has a memorable stay in Cappadocia – hail a cab back to the hotel and you will find it is more commonly known as ‘Arda’s place’!

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