Cheese Map of Europe


Cheese is one of life’s great culinary pleasures and Europe offers the best selection of Cheese in the world. The variety of cheese available in Europe from various region is astonishing from Halloumi, Stilton, Mozzarella, Fromage to Gouda the list is endless. Europe not only dominates both the production of cheese but also the consumption.

Taste Atlas have created a Interactive Cheese Map which showcases Europe’s most popular cheeses by country. If you are a cheese lover and travelling across Europe this is a great reference point. This fantastic project promotes local ingredients, recommends authentic restaurants or cheese shops to try the cheese. It also recommend what to pair and serve the cheese with along with traditional recipes.

Cheese Map of europeImage: Tasteatlas

 These are well over 100 cheese marked on the map you can search by country, cheese type, or simply browse and discover new types of cheese. There is even a popularity list where the cheese are ranked by popularity, and a list for the top 10 worst rated cheeses in the world – which is likely to cause a quite a stir among cheese lovers. 

Despite Europe dominating the cheese market this interactive cheese map also includes cheese from other corners of the world including Sakura in Japan, Rubing in China and Ayibe from Ethopia. Taste Atlas is not limited to cheese you will find interactive maps for pasta, dumpling and more! 



Looking for interesting gift for the cheese lovers in your like ? 

This hand-illustrated Cheese Map of Europe by Mark Adams is a massive 24-inch by 36-inch poster featuring hand-drawn illustrations which pays homage to 100 unique flavors and origins while providing cultured escapism through the stories of some of the most important cheeses from the Old World.