10 Incredible View Points In Barcelona 

Barcelona is a city that is full of character with narrow cobbled streets, buzzing food scene, shops and nightlife. Known for its beautiful architecture, beaches, parks, with so many fun things to do in Barcelona, one thing that should be a must on your things to do in Barcelona list is visiting some of the most epic viewpoints.

We have put together the best viewpoints in Barcelona. Whether it is a sunset point in Barcelona that you are after or simply after a panoramic view, we have got you covered!


  Tibidabo and Sagrat Cor Church 

Watch the Sunset from Sagrat Cor and TibidaboSagrat Cor and Tibidabo 

Tibidabo is arguably the best viewpoint in Barcelona. Situated high on hilltops above the city, Tibidabo is home to the world’s oldest amusement park and the church of Sagrat Cor perched on Mt Tibidabo (honestly, this church will make your jaw drop). 

Spend the day exploring the area and enjoying the amusement park or head to Tibidabo early in the evening, take a bottle of Spanish wine or chilled cava (sparkling wine) with you and find a suitable spot to sit, watch as the sun goes down and thousands of light across the city slowly start to twinkle in the inky darkness as the city lights up. It is one of the best viewpoints to watch the sunset in Barcelona. 

National Museum of Art of Catalonia Terrace 

sunset at Montjuic barcelona

The National Museum of Art of Catalonian’s terrace viewpoint is a whole new level. Access to this rooftop terrace is free with the museum ticket. Even if you do not have a ticket to the Museum, you will find big stairs in front of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia which is elevated and also offer an impressive view of Barcelona, but we would recommend buying the ticket and heading right to the top terrace.

Located right next to Montjuïc Park, from this lookout point you can see the whole city along with the Magic Fountain right in front of the stairs, you will able be able to spot Sagrada Família. To make the most of this experience, head to this hillside viewpoint just before the sunsets and on the days when the Magic Fountain is showing – you won’t be disappointed! 


Montjuic Hill and Castle viewpoint

Montjuic Hill best view point in barcelonaMontjuic Castle viewpoint best viewpoints in barcelona

Montjuïc Castle is located on top of Montjuïc mountain and can only be reached via the cable car. The cable car itself offers incredible views over the city. Despite its elevated location, this viewpoint in Barcelona is only 10 mins away from the main street (Las Ramblas). It may be a small viewpoint but certainly a unique viewpoint in Barcelona. Just at the foot of the castle is the port of Barcelona, you can marvel at the Mediterranean sea from here and watch large cruise ships docking.

You can easily spend the whole day exploring Montjuïc Park, with Museu d’Art de Catalunya, Olympic Stadium as well as Poble Espanyol on offer. The National Museum of Art of Catalonian viewpoint is just a couple of minutes away and is an excellent spot to watch the sunset after you have explored the Montjuïc Castle. 


Hotel Barceló Raval

best susnet rooftop viewpoints Hotel Barceló Raval in barcelonabest sunset viewpoints in barcelona. Hotel Barceló Raval

The trendy Barceló Raval Hotel is home to 360º panoramic Terrace which is a spectacular viewpoint in Barcelona. Located on the 11th floor this rooftop is also a great sunset point. This panoramic rooftop viewpoint in Barcelona also has an open bar and an overall great vibe without being ‘too touristy’

Barceló Raval Hotel terrace is open to the public, with free-standing binoculars dotted around this round patio. It is open from 6 pm to midnight during the week, and until 1 am on the weekends, live DJ during the summer months. You can see as far as Mount Tibidabo and the Collserola towers from this spectacular viewpoint.


Hidden Rooftop Bar in Port Vell

best rooftop in barcelona fun things to do in barcelona

Port Vell is home to one of Barcelona’s hidden gemsTerrassa de les Indianes, a hidden gem of a rooftop cocktail bar often goes unnoticed as it located inside a museum. Take our word on this recommendation, once you are inside you will have the most gorgeous views overlooking Barcelona marina. This is also a great spot to watch the sunset, expect chilled out, good vibes all around.

If you enjoy being by the water, a popular place, especially in the early evening, is Port Vell, the waterfront harbour area of the city. Simply enjoy a walk along the boardwalk, take in the buzzing atmosphere. The promenade is lined with bars and restaurants, it offers a completely different vibe to that of las Ramblas,

There are bars and restaurants strung along the promenade and these become popular at about 9.00 pm. – the time most locals eat.



 Carmel Bunkers 

best view of barcelona for sunset carmel bunkers

The Carmel Bunkers, as the name suggests are former wartime bunkers. Located on a hillside, this spot in Barcelona offers some epic views of the city. Given its hillside location, it is one of the best spots which offer panoramic views of the city, along with Tibidabo. This viewpoint is a popular hangout spot with the locals, especially around the sunset time.

These bunkers are completely free to access and allow you to get to the very edge (be careful!). To get to this viewing point you need to climb the Turó de la Rovira hill but the views on offer are completely rewarding.



Collserola Tower viewpoint

Collserola Tower best viewi in barcelonaPhoto: @oh-barcelona.com

One landmark that is a staple of the Barcelona skyline is the Collserola towerBuilt in 1992 for the Olympics game this telecommunications Tower designed by Norman Foster combines modernity and offers incredible 360-degree views of Barcelona from its observation deck. As the highest observation platform in the city, you are guaranteed the best aerial view of the city. From this angle, views stretch as far as 70km, you will feel as though the whole of Barcelona is by your feet. 

Located 560 meters above sea level, Collserola tower is set in the Serra de Collserola Natural Park. The observation deck is located on the 10th floor and accessed via a lift, however, given the elevated location of the park, you will be treated to incredible views from the park itself.


 Park Güell Viewpoint 

Park Güell best view points in barcelona

Barcelona is home to many of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. His masterpieces are not only fascinating to explore but some of his artwork offer incredible views over the city. Two standouts and must-visit in Barcelona are Park Güell Viewpoint and Sagrada Familia Viewpoint. 

Park Güell has been constructed in a way where it allows you to walk around freely and admire the views over the city. Most part of the park is free but there is a zone called the monumental zone which charges a small fee. The highest point in the park is Turó de les tres creus – if you can, head to this viewpoint for sunrise and watching the city come to life from here is magical. 


 Sagrada Familia Viewpoint

Sagrada Familia barcelona

Another one of Antoni Gaudi’s iconic masterpiece with a view is the Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia is a staple in the Barcelona skyline, we highly recommend buying the ticket and exploring this iconic cathedral from the inside and climbing the towers for a unique view. 

La Pedrera viewpoint (Casa Mila) by Gaudi also has a terrace which looks over the Eixample district, it also has viewpoints designed specifically to admire the city atop.  


 Las Arenas de Barcelona viewpoint

view from  Las Arenas de Barcelona best viewpoints in barcelona

What was once a bullring has now been transformed into a shopping centre in the heart of Barcelona. On the top floor of Las Arenas you will find a roof terrace which is lined with bars and restaurants overlooking the iconic Plaça d’Espanya. A large circular platform has been dedicated just to enjoy the views from here. 360º panoramic views of Barcelona are on offer you can spot Sagrada Familia, Montjuïc as well as Mount Tibidabo from this epic viewpoint in Barcelona.