Luxury Easter Eggs To Indulge In This Year 



1Blushing Cook Floral Easter Egg 

luxury easter eggs Blushing Cook

For something a little indulgent and luxurious this Easter, Blushing Cook have created this beautiful edible flower adorned Easter Egg. Hand-made eggs using chocolate made from 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, hand decorated using edible and organic flowers grown in Devon. Each egg filled with hand-made delicious truffles. These luxury Easter eggs are available in Dark chocolate with salted caramel truffles Milk chocolate with hazelnut truffles and Vegan with dark chocolate truffles.


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2The Easter Bell At Hotel De Crillon 

Drawing on his childhood memories, Pastry Chef Matthieu Carlin imagined an elegant chocolate bell combining savoir-faire and creativity, to celebrate the great French Easter traditions. Weighing 900g the bell is made of 66% dark chocolate, dried fruits and reveals a gourmet chocolate and praline egg in its centre. Available in limited edition, one of the bells contains an egg entirely covered in gold leaves which will give the chance to one lucky winner to experience an unforgettable Tea Time at Jardin d’Hiver. 


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For the first time ever, Gleneagles is producing its very own limited edition Easter egg. Produced by the talented Pastry Team led by Phill Skinazi, drawing inspiration from the flavours of berries, peat and the purity of Perthshire countryside. The egg is filled with Gleneagles x Glenturret collaboration 11 year old single malt whisky truffles with sweet tasting notes of toffee, cinnamon and vanilla alongside aromatic flavours of dark spice, and rich fruit cake reminiscent of fireside evenings at Gleneagles.

Taking inspiration from the hotel interior, the packaging pays homage to the glamorous art deco 1920s design found throughout the hotel and a particular nod to our Century Bar lamps.



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4Fortnum & Mason Hand-Painted Bunny Easter Egg

luxury easter eggs Fortnum & Mason copy

Crafted exclusively for Fortnum’s by master chocolatiers in Wales, this exceptional Hand-Painted Bunny Easter Egg is made using Single Origin Chocolate Couverture from Colombia with 45% minimum cocoa solids and a layer of creamy white chocolate with minimum 40% cocoa solids. The milk chocolate egg has been hand-painted with all-natural cocoa butter paints, which has been carefully perfected over many weeks. This Easter, indulge in a chocolatey creation you will want to savour all year long.


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5Claridge’s Easter Egg

luxury easter eggs claridges

This Claridge’s handmade luxury Easter Egg is crafted from the finest quality Valrhona dark chocolate ( also available in Valrhona white chocolate and milk chocolate). Wrapped in their signature chevron foil, and inspired by their striking black-and-white marble lobby and filled with praliné gull’s eggs – bringing the elegance of Claridge’s to this traditional Easter gift.


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6Luxury Ostrich Easter eggs

luxury ostrich Easter eggs

Ostrich Eggs is the Patisserie egg inspired by Hotel Chocolat’s delicious delectable Patisserie collection. This gargantuan shell, modelled on the ostrich egg, the largest of all living birds is lavishly thick. They have even measured a real ostrich egg to get the authentic dimensions. Every inch of our Ostrich Eggs are crafted from high-cacao chocolate and made with top-quality ingredients. Every mouthful is an experience for the senses, there is  over a kilo of chocolate to enjoy here. 

Alongside the thick shell, you’ll find an array of classic desserts, reimagined in chocolate. Their patisserie collection puts a chocolatier twist on traditional bakes, cakes, and puddings. And here, you’ll find 20 of some of the best-loved recipes. 


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7Ashford Castle 

Ashford Castle  luxury easter eggs

Created by Paula Stakelum, the talented director of chocolate and patisserie at Ashford Castle. The beautiful easter egg is inspired by the picturesque cherry blossom avenue on the hotel’s 350,000-acre estate in County Mayo, Ireland.

The egg is hand painted and is crafted using our bespoke Valrhona chocolate couverture, ‘Legend’. Inside, the egg is packed with Mrs Tollman’s famous chocolate shards. This luxury easter egg has been created with a 55% cocoa content, for a rich milk chocolate tasting experience. Led by the cocoa, the first taste offers slight fresh milk notes, followed by hints of sweet vanilla and biscuit, enhanced by floral and honey aromas. The chocolate has a strength that is not overpowering and lingers delicately.


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