17 Luxury Easter Eggs To Indulge In This Year 

For centuries, the act of giving and receiving Easter eggs has been a cherished part of Easter celebrations, whether as a personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift for loved ones. The egg has been used as a symbol of new life and rebirth for thousands of years. If you’re searching for something extra special to make the occasion unforgettable, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the most exquisite luxury Easter eggs that are almost too beautiful to consume. Here are our hand-picked luxury Easter eggs to indulge in this year.


1Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse Turned Easter Egg 

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse Turned Easter Egg 

Alain Ducasse, a renowned chef in France with multiple Michelin-starred restaurants, is also famous for his artisanal chocolate. His team of chocolate experts meticulously choose top-quality beans and ingredients to create their chocolate from scratch. This Easter, they are featuring the Turning Egg in milk and dark chocolate, available in both small and large sizes.

Eggs filled with praline and plain chocolate Easter sea-themed fishes and shellfish. Original and mysterious creations that appear to have been carved, sculpted and hand crafted, evoking the delicate artisanal chocolate of the Manufacture.
An original Pierre Tachon creation – Soins Graphiques.


  Buy here: Lechocolat-alainducasse.com


2Blushing Cook Floral Easter Egg 

Blushing Cook luxury easter eggs 2023

For something a little indulgent and luxurious this Easter, Blushing Cook have created this beautiful edible flower adorned Easter Egg. Hand-made eggs using chocolate made from 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, hand decorated using edible and organic flowers grown in Devon. Each egg filled with hand-made delicious truffles. These luxury Easter eggs are delicious chocolate eggs decorated with edible flowers, hazelnuts, and golden flecks for a little luxury this Easter. Each egg is made from 70% Dark chocolate. Inside the egg you will find a delicious layer of hazelnut praline, milk chocolate, crispy pieces and edible flowers.

A traditional egg box is filled with 6 hand-made and hand decorated floral eggs. For something smaller, they have also created a bitesize half egg filled with delicious flavours and their award-winning fudgy chocolate brownie. Or opt for the ‘Happy Easter’ Floral Brownies. 


  Buy here: blushingcook.com




3Butterfly Easter Egg At Hotel De Crillon 

Butterfly Easter Egg At Hotel De Crillon 

This Easter, Hôtel de Crillon’s Head Pastry Chef Matthieu Carlin unveils the Butterfly Easter Egg, a subtle nod to the new pastry shop of the Hôtel de Crillon opening at the beginning of April. The luxury Easter egg is a dreamlike creation that is made of a chocolate shell sculpted in Macaé 62% Pure Brazil Chocolate and filled with an organic red quinoa praline, and coated with organic caramelized puffed white quinoa.


  Buy here: rosewoodhotels.com



4 Easter Eggs At Gleneagles

Gleneagles Easter Eggs 2023

For the first time ever, Gleneagles is producing its very own limited edition Easter egg in 2022. After a hugely successful launch last year, the Gleneagles Easter Egg is back. The 2023 limited edition eggs are produced by the talented pastry team at the Gleneagles. Created by the Executive Pastry Chef Phill Skinazi and his pastry team, the Gleneagles Easter Egg is hand painted, made using Gleneagles and Valrhona’s custom developed blend. This year, the team has created three luxury Easter eggs, hand-painted eggs using their very own Gleneagles Valrhona Milk, Dark and White Chocolate blends.

Choose from the 54% Milk Chocolate Egg that is filled with lush orange truffles, the 65% Dark Chocolate Egg filled with whisky truffles, or 34% the White Chocolate Egg filled with strawberry truffles.


  Buy here: gleneagles.com




5Fortnum & Mason Hand-Painted Bunny Easter Egg

Hand-Painted Bunny Easter Fortnum and Mason

Crafted exclusively for Fortnum’s by master Chocolatiers in Wales, this exceptional Hand-Painted Bunny Easter Egg is made using Single Origin Chocolate Couverture from Colombia with 45% minimum cocoa solids and a layer of creamy white chocolate with minimum 40% cocoa solids. The milk chocolate egg has been hand-painted with all-natural cocoa butter paints, which has been carefully perfected over many weeks. This Easter, indulge in a chocolatey creation you will want to savour all year long.


  Buy here: fortnumandmason.com



6 Easter Egg At Claridge’s

luxury easter eggs claridges

This Claridge’s handmade luxury Easter Egg is crafted from the finest quality Valrhona dark chocolate (also available in Valrhona white chocolate and milk chocolate). Wrapped in their signature chevron foil, and inspired by their striking black-and-white marble lobby and filled with praliné gull’s eggs – bringing the elegance of Claridge’s to this traditional Easter gift.


  Buy here: claridges.co.uk



7 Easter Egg at Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris Easter Egg 

Le Bristol Paris celebrates springtime with custom Easter Egg and décor. Since 2021, introduced by Chef chocolatier Johan Giacchetti, Le Bristol’s chocolate factory has emanated heavenly aromas from the heart of the hotel’s ground floor workshops and tempted customers with its exceptional handmade creations.

This Easter season, the team is introducing a fresh, nature-inspired take on the annual Easter egg with their ‘Butterfly Effect’ creation, to be presented in L’Épicerie des Ateliers du Bristol. The luxury Easter egg is hand-crafted out of dark chocolate from Madagascar the large egg stands erect on a chocolate foundation and is filled with a praline of crushed almonds, hazelnut morsels and vanilla. In a design influenced by Chef Johan Giacchetti’s love for springtime nature walks, the egg is adorned by a delicate flourish of butterflies coloured in deep red lining the side as if to have landed there temporarily before fluttering away again. ‘Butterfly Effect’ chocolate Easter egg will be available for purchase for a limited time at L’Épicerie des Ateliers du Bristol and on Click and collect


  Buy here: Oetkercollection.com



8 Daylesford Organic Hive Showstopper Egg

 Daylesford Organic Hive Showstopper Egg


This limited edition showstopper luxury Easter eggs by Daylesford Organic will make for a perfect Easter gift. A milk chocolate hive, decorated with handmade bee decorations. Bees are essential to life and much of the food that is grown at Daylesford is made possible through their practices. With their populations in decline, Daylesford are commited to protecting the wild reserves bees and other wild pollinators need and spreading the message far beyond the boundaries of our own fields.


  Buy here: Daylesford.com




9Hotel Chocolat Patisserie Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg

The Patisserie egg by Hotel Chocolat is inspired by their delectable Patisserie collection. This gargantuan shell, modelled on the ostrich egg, the largest of all living birds is lavishly thick. They have even measured a real ostrich egg to get the authentic dimensions. Every inch of this luxury Ostrich Eggs are crafted from high-cacao chocolate and made with top-quality ingredients. As one of the best luxury Easter eggs, there’s over a kilo of chocolate to enjoy here.

Alongside the thick shell, you’ll find an array of classic desserts, reimagined in chocolate. Inside you will find 20 of their best-loved recipes. Whether you like your desserts rich and chocolatey, brimming with nuanced cacao notes or prefer light and fruity options, there’s something here to suit every taste and mood. Milk, white, and dark chocolate varieties come together so you can embrace all that cacao has to offer. The Patisserie Ostrich Egg comes presented in an elegant, reusable tin. Inspired by the growing cacao pod, this tin adds an extra note of sophistication.


  Buy here: hotelchocolat.com




10 Easter Egg At Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle  luxury easter eggs 2023

Paula Stakelum, Global Director of Chocolate & Patisserie for Red Carnation Hotels who is based at Ashford Castle, has created a chocolatier’s masterpiece: an Easter egg to represent the rare red squirrel population that resides on the Ashford Estate. This year, the Ashford Castle Easter egg takes inspiration from Ashford’s rich historical landscape and celebrates the beauty of the red squirrel.

As one of best luxury Easter eggs, the exterior colours of the Easter egg represent the red squirrel, each with a shiny, red-toned shell. Inside, the egg is filled with edible bark made from a new blend of chocolate called ‘Legacy’, to represent Ashford’s woodlands. The interior of the Egg is made with the signature ‘Legend’ blend, in partnership with Valrhona Chocolate, a unique combination of intense creamy hazelnut with 55% milk chocolate to add balance. The cocoa beans used for our Valrhona chocolate are sustainably sourced in keeping with Ashford Castle’s sustainability ethos. This ethos is led by the parent company of Red Carnation Hotels, The Travel Corporation and its not-for-profit organisation, The Tread Right Foundation.


  Buy here: ashfordcastle.com






 LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s unique eggs are making a comeback to perfect the Easter experience for liquorice lovers. Introducing brand-new flavour for their Easter range: Crunchy Toffee, alongside a – the original and the returning beloved classic Crispy Caramel. The eggs are joined by a beautiful new spring selection box, the perfect joyful gesture that is guaranteed to make you fall in love with liquorice.

The new spring selection box contains seven delicious flavours of chocolate coated liquorice. This includes its two limited edition Easter flavours, as well as a range of beloved favourites including salt & caramel, twisted banana and coconut. The spring selection box is the perfect Easter treat to gift to a loved one or present at the end of a big Easter feast to spread festive cheer.  The seasonal flavours will also be available in jars, both individual and mixed. The collection includes ‘peel off’ labels, featuring both the Easter design and a design underneath to match each product. This allows you to easily change your packaging to make your lovely liquorice last well beyond the Easter season!


  Buy here: lakridsbybulow.co.uk



12Melt Luxury Easter Eggs 

Indulge in pure luxury with Melt Chocolate’s Hazelnut Easter Egg. Made with 50% single-origin chocolate, rich gianduja, and caramelized hazelnuts for a nutty, smooth taste. The addition of Maldon sea salt enhances the flavors of the chocolate and hazelnuts, making it a truly irresistible treat. Each Hazelnut Easter Egg also comes with a jar of Melt Chocolate’s signature chocolate gianduja spread made with 50% hazelnut paste, perfect for adding to your favourite desserts or spreading on toast. In addition to the hazelnut Easter egg, there are a range of luxury Easter eggs to choose from including, the Wild Flower Vegan Easter Egg, coconut, strawberry, acorn, salted caramel and more.


  Buy here: Meltchocolates.com



13Pierre Marcolini Easter Eggs 

Egg on flower on 2 drawers

Egg on flower on 2 drawers by Pierre Marcolini is a wonderful addition to your festive tables. For over 20 years Pierre Marcolini has perfected the art of making chocolate – from bean to bar. Every year he travels across the globe, in search of the rarest cocoa with which to make the finest chocolate. This luxury Easter egg is with a shell made from the Maison’s milk chocolate encasing a praline heart adorned with a water lily in bloom on which three dragonflies rest delicately in three types of chocolate. A majestic egg place on a two-drawer box of small praline eggs and Easter animals. The base on which the egg rests is in the Maison’s milk chocolate.


  Buy here: Marcolini.co.uk



14Laduree Large White Chocolate Easter Egg

Laduree Chocolate Easter Egg

With 160 years of history under its belt, this Parisian brand famous for its exquisite macarons are now offering luxury Easter eggs. Discover Ladurée Easter eggs dressed in the iconic Ladurée laurel crow, redesigned for the occasion with delicate seasonal flowers. All eggs are filled with Ladurée chocolate figurines.


  Buy here: Laduree.co.uk



15Venchi Nougatine Chocolate Egg

Venchi 1878’s Nougatine Easter egg might be just the delectable treat to gift this Easter. An homage to Venchi’s historic Nougatine, a delicious treat that, for more than 100 years, has been one of their most beloved chocolates. This Italian confectionery expertly pairs a rich dark chocolate exterior with a luscious center of caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts, resulting in a harmonious balance of textures and tastes. It also comes in a mini Brutto&Buono version, for the perfect gift every time.


  Buy here: Harrods.com


  Buy here: Venchi.com



16Harrods Easter Showstopper Peacock Feather Egg

For those who appreciate superior chocolate, painstaking detail and luxury in every sense of the word, this Easter egg is one for the books. Treat yourself and your loved ones to one of the best luxury Easter eggs, open the green Harrods box and you’ll be rewarded with a generous milk chocolate egg with our signature bread-and-butter filling, wrapped in a speckled gold shell. But that’s not all: open the drawer to discover 16 bon bons from the Harrods chocolaterie.


  Buy here: Harrods.com



17Autore Chocolate Egg With Pistachios In Wooden Box

Autore Chocolate Egg With Pistachios In Wooden Box

Autore Chocolate, hailing from a quaint Campania town, offers exquisite Easter eggs that showcase the very best of Italian chocolate. For a unique take on the classic chocolate egg, try their handcrafted chocolate egg with green pistachios. As one of the luxury Easter eggs, this treat come in an exclusive wooden box containing a handcrafted chocolate egg with green pistachios from Bronte. A precious and glamorous idea! Available in two varieties: milk and dark chocolate.


  Buy here: Autorechocolate.com





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