The world’s most expensive taco at an eye watering $25,000 US dollar is now available to order. Being served at Frida restaurant in the Grand Velas Los Cabos resort, located along Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in Mexico. This tacos is an decadent affair all around. 


most expensive taco in the world


This one of a kind masterpiece has been created by the resort’s Executive Chef Juan Licerio Alcalá. The indulgent taco is set on a gold-infused (24k gold foil) corn tortilla, then layered with Kobe beef and lobster, topped with truffle and a generous layer of Beluga caviar. It is then topped with artfully crafted salsa made from dried morita chilli peppers, ultra- premium anejo tequila and civet coffee (which is said to be the most expensive coffee in the world).  And …it doesn’t end there, layers of gold before being served. 


worlds most expensive taco Los Cabos


The resort suggest to pair this taco with a platinum and white gold bottle of Tequila Ley 925 which will set you back another $150,000 US dollar. 

Getting your hands on the world’s most expensive taco isn’t as easy. You need to be staying at the presidential suite at the Grand Velas Los Cabos resort and a further deposit of $12,500 is required to order. 


chef juan licerioFrida Grand Velas Los Cabos resort


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