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In a world where wanderlust knows no bounds and the desire for unique adventures is ever-growing, Original Travel offers a fresh approach to travel that satisfies wanderlust by going beyond the ordinary. Standing at the forefront of tailor-made travel experiences, with over 20 years of experience under their belt, Original Travel elevates your holidays to extraordinary heights and ensures that your passport to exclusivity is stamped with experiences only you have dared to dream of.

Whether you want to go wild and track game with San bushmen in the Kalahari Desert, or learn the art of pizza-making with your family in the Tuscan countryside, or indulge in the gastronomical delights of San Sebastián, the beauty of tailor-made travel is that you can mix and match. Splurge on a five-star hotel one day and take an affordable yet charming local train the next.

Spain San SebastianSan Sebastian Spain

Among these, a standout option is the captivating journey through The Basque Country & Northern Spain, with San Sebastián as a particular highlight. An adventure with Original Travel is the perfect way to experience everything a city has to offer, from adventure to culture to cuisine. Additionally, the length of the holiday can be tailored to your preferences, ranging from a delightful 3-day escapade to an extensive 16-day immersion – or truly as long as you desire.

For a short and swift getaway Original Travel can customise a “Luxury San Sebastián” experience that allows you to dive right into the city’s food scene with a leisurely lunch at a restaurant recommended by a local in-country Concierge. After satisfying your cravings, wander through the verdant hillsides surrounding the city and explore the nearby honey-hued beaches followed by a private surf lesson on Zurriola Beach. This adrenaline-inducing activity is bound to stimulate your appetite, so follow it up with authentic pintxos (tapas), accompanied by red wine from nearby Rioja. Having sampled plenty of the city’s best dishes, it’s then time to make your own during a private cookery class to master the art of Basque cooking.

Spain SebastainSpain wine region

Expand your Spanish adventure beyond San Sebastián by also visiting the culturally rich regions of Bilbao, Rioja with the ‘Northern Spain Road Trip‘, offering the opportunity to experience three vibrant areas of Spain renowned for incredible food, wine, art, and architecture.

Additionally, for an even more remarkable experience, consider venturing beyond the Spanish borders. Embark on ‘A Gastronomic Train Trip to Bordeaux & San Sebastián,’ which offers an opportunity to savour the culinary delights of neighbouring countries, elevating your gastronomic adventure to new heights. The best part? This entire journey can be experienced solely by train – reducing your CO2 emissions.

train travel

Set out on a seamless journey from London to Bordeaux, all in less than a day, courtesy of the Eurostar. Once in Bordeaux, explore the city’s rich history on a bike, and delve into the captivating narrative of how Bordeaux became the world’s most renowned wine region. Venture to vineyards, where you’ll meet passionate winemakers and sample their most exquisite vintages.

Continue your adventure via train to San Sebastián, where you’ll be treated to a guided tour of the Old Town, indulging in pintxos, the beloved Basque tapas. Immerse yourself further by visiting a local market, where the finest Basque produce, including delectable cheeses, awaits your palate. An extraordinary highlight includes preparing and enjoying lunch with members of one of San Sebastián’s exclusive gastronomic societies.

For an even more immersive experience, spend 16 days exploring northern Spain and Portugal, eating the best food in the Basque Country, hiking along glorious trails in the Picos de Europa mountains and getting under the skin of Portugal and relaxing in the Douro Valley with the Coastal Cities, Trekking Trails & Vineyard Tours: Northern Spain and Portugal Road Trip.

Roadtrip Hike Original Travel

Original Travel takes sustainability seriously by offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions from their trips. They achieve this by financing large-scale reforestation projects around the globe, making them the first UK travel company to adopt such an eco-friendly initiative.

In addition to the ultra personalised holidays, you can experience little perks along the way that can make a big difference to your trip, from check-in assistance, fast track security and lounge access. Drawing from a treasure trove of insider insights, extensive experience, and specialised expertise, Original Travel stands ready to custom-build trips that surpass the typical tourist experience, unlocking the soul of each destination through their masterful approach to travel curation.


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